4 ML Rush Tips to Steal Red Buff in Mobile Legends

Red Buff Mobile Legends rush tips are one of the ways that you must apply in gameplay if you want to rush to steal the enemy’s red buff. When you steal the enemy’s red buff, then the enemy team will lose and you will benefit in a gameplay. However, you also have to understand the current rotation of mobile jungle legends

Red buff itself is one of the important elements in gameplay because by using red buff itself there are benefits that you can get. This advantage is to get additional true damage and slow effects when attacking enemies. This of course will make the heroes you use in a gameplay become more overpowering.

On this occasion, we will provide some Tips for Rush Red Buff Mobile Legends. For those of you who are curious and want to know how effective tips are so that you can rush and steal enemy red buffs, see the full explanation below properly and correctly!

1. Use the appropriate heroes

Before that, you have to make sure that the meta you use is effective enough in gameplay. Make sure there are tank heroes and support heroes to support your smooth running when rushing the enemy’s red buff. If a tank hero or support hero is already in your team, then just do a few things to get the red buff for the mobile legends

2. Clear Minions Quickly During the First Wave

Tips for Rush Red Buff Mobile Legends that you have to do first is clear minions quickly when the first wave appears in the mid lane. Make sure your teammates use tank heroes or support heroes who can help you clean minions quickly. This is an important factor in determining your success in rushing the enemy’s red buff because the sooner you clear the minions the faster you can go to the enemy’s red buff.

3. Using Jungle Items

Using jungle items is a mandatory thing you have to do. This is because when using jungle damage items that you give to minions will be bigger and faster to clear minions.

4. Using Spell Retribution

In addition, you also have to use battle spell retribution because using battle spell retribution will make it easier for you to last hit the red buff when there is a contest for red buffs with enemy heroes. Make sure to use the battle spell retribution at the right timing so that you can successfully secure the enemy’s red buff.

You need to know that in this latest Next Mobile Legends Project, when using jungle exp items that you get from minions, it will decrease in the first 9 minutes. Make sure you clear the minions first, then you can buy jungle items. Give the mid lane to your mage hero and if you have used jungle items just focus on jungle until you get level 4.

Now that’s an explanation of the Mobile Legends Red Buff Rush Tips that we have explained. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. That is all and thank you!

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