4 Heroes With Trap Skill Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends is one of the games that has various unique heroes in it, ranging from ganking specialist heroes, agile heroes, sickest heroes, strongest heroes and there are also heroes with the best skill traps in Mobile Legends.

Skill Trap is a hero who has the ability to mine or can trap opponents from a distance. Only a handful of heroes have this ability. Which skill trap is very suitable to be used as support in Mobile Legends.

On this occasion we will provide a row of heroes who have the best skill traps in Mobile Legends. By using this type of hero, you can easily trap opponents and create maps from a distance. So what are the heroes with these specialists?

4 Heroes With Trap Skill Mobile Legends (ML)


The first hero with the best skill trap ability is Selena. Selena is a mage assassin hero who has excellent attack combos. This one hero also has very high burst damage and is suitable to be used as a carry and also support in the early game.

Now Selena’s ability to have 6 active skills, which are very varied skills in Mobile Legends. To trap opponents, Selena can use her first skill which marks the designated area. This skill will leave a mark where if an opponent sees it, they will get a magic damage attack.


Next there is the Diggie hero who is a hero with Trap skill abilities which can be said to be very deadly. Diggie can spam skills continuously, and even in the early days, with these three spam skills can make enemy heroes who pass by die instantly.

Diggie itself is a support hero who is currently actively being played as a meta diggie feeder. Which Diggie hero is very suitable to be played in the early game and has a high enough damage as a Supports hero.

Popol and Kupa

Next there are the heroes Popol and Kupa who are very meta marksman heroes in Mobile Legends. This one hero is widely used with various existing roles. Like offlaner, support, and even become a tank.

The skill trap ability of the heroes Popol and Kupa itself has a function like an ice mine, in which, Popol will place a mine that is invisible to the opponent, and when the opponent steps on it it will freeze the opponent.


Finally, there is Horo Nana, who is a support mage hero in Mobile Legends. You certainly know very well how annoying hero Nana is in Mobile Legends. Especially in the Morph skill which can be used as a trap on the opponent and makes the opponent a doll.

Nana herself is played quite a lot, moreover, this one hero is perfect for countering Chou heroes and other agile heroes. With this skill, whoever is caught will definitely not be able to move in Mobile Legends.

So, those are the heroes who have trap skills in Mobile Legends. Hopefully, the presence of the heroes above can be useful especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers.

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