4 Free Fire Characters Choice for Crossbow Weapons, Silent Killer FF!

Free Fire is a battle royal game that uses firearms. In this game, there are many types of weapons that you can use. Even in this game there are melee weapons that you can use in attacking enemies. Not only firearms and melee weapons, in this game there is also a Crossbow that you can use to penetrate enemy armor. Crossbow is a Free Fire weapon that uses arrows as ammunition which we will discuss with selected characters during FF battle.

This Free Fire weapon is strong against enemies who use armor. Because, every shot from the Crossbow will penetrate the armor. So, no matter how big your armor is, this weapon can penetrate your armor. However, you cannot use the scope and must shoot manually. Therefore, it will be difficult to shoot the enemy if you can’t aim well. The characters you use can use this weapon well.

Free fire characters have different skills. Therefore, you can take advantage of their skills in using this weapon. This feature in Free Fire is very helpful in using the weapons you have. That way you can use the strongest character who has good skills in using this weapon.

Here we will explain about the strongest character in using the Crossbow weapon. This weapon can penetrate armor and have high damage. You have to be able to shoot well, because you can only shoot once and immediately reload.


Crossbow is a Silent killer weapon that can kill enemies quickly. This weapon can penetrate enemy armor easily and has high damage. You have to be able to shoot well, because this weapon has no scope and can only shoot once in every reload.


Kelly free fire is a character who can sprint faster than other characters. His skill allows him to run quickly, allowing him to approach enemies quickly. By using the Crossbow, you can approach the enemy quickly, and shoot them easily from close. So, it would be easy for Kelly to become a Flanker assassin.


Miguel is a character who can raise his EP with every kill he gets. By using Crossbow, you can kill easily. After you get a kill, you also get an additional EP that can increase your blood throughout the game. As a Flanker with this weapon Miguel will be difficult to kill.


Rafael is a free fire character who can eliminate his presence on the map. By attacking the enemy while unaware of your existence. Rafael, can kill up close with ease. Because his skill makes him undetectable on the map, it will be difficult to find Rafael


Wukong is a character who has unique skills. He can turn into a bush in the free fire map which can outwit the enemy. While you are preparing to become Bush, when an enemy approaches, you can launch a sneak attack on them. Therefore you have to allow the enemy to come a little closer and when they are not looking, you can kill them easily.

That is the best free fire character using a Crossbow weapon. Even though the Crossbow is a deadly weapon, it will be difficult to use it if you can’t aim well. Because, Crossbow is a very strong Single Fire weapon.

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