4 FF Weapons Used to Waste Now Meta Free Fire, Even More Deadly!

Until now, Free Fire is still one of the best battle royale games that you can try. Of course, with a variety of updates in this game, everyone will feel that they are never bored playing the game. In the future, the Free Fire game will definitely be given many other recent updates. This time we will discuss about FF weapons first, now the Meta Free Fire.

Where in this way, all of you will definitely be more enthusiastic about playing the Free Fire game. The Free Fire character features that are present right now, all have different abilities. So, later on, you can win the match with that character.

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So in the future too, you can try a variety of new things to make the game look less boring. For now there is also a Booyah Lebaran Event that you can’t miss, because the prizes given are all pretty good.

When you want to play the Free Fire game, you definitely want to have a different sensation and not get bored. All of you can try some tips for playing Free Fire. Don’t get bored now, so you will be more enthusiastic about completing the mission in this game.

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All weapons that are present in the Free Fire game only, are currently the top and are often used. But there are also a number of Free Fire Weapons, which are currently the most Meta even though at first they were not very good.

Curious? Check out the article below.

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Weapons are not meta but are now meta in Free Fire

  1. MP5

Initially this weapon was not very good, it even became one of the weapons that should not be used because of Dregs. But after MP5 Weapon Gets Buff finally the ability of this weapon is much more deadly than before.

So those of you who want Rush, it is recommended to use these weapons. Because it has been proven once, that MP5 has become Meta.

  1. VSS

The next weapon is the VSS, where in the past, this weapon was always underestimated by many people. Even though it is an SMG Sniper weapon, you shouldn’t underestimate its current abilities. VSS becomes a very suitable SMG, to be used by Jota characters.

For now, there are also some unique facts about Jota’s character, who is a Rusher, in the Free Fire game in the future. So if you really like long range but use Jota, use VSS to make it more deadly.

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  1. XM8

Initially, this weapon was not that good just a few moments ago in the Free Fire game. But now everything has changed instantly, because the XM8 is becoming one of the very meta pieces of weapons for now.

Due to the damage given by this weapon, it is much bigger and has a fairly far range. Yesterday we had the XM8 Legend Weapon Skin, where the display was pretty good. As well as the weapon skin, it provides a very good additional stat.

  1. M60

The last weapon that is quite popular and meta now is the M60, where initially this weapon was not used very often. But for now, I don’t know why, so many players have tried and used this weapon in matches.

The news is that the ability of this weapon is very good for Rush using Assault Rifle. But even so, of course, you have to be able to play pretty well with this weapon.

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Henceforth when you use these weapons, try to learn first so that they are more deadly. Instead of using meta weapons later, but either way, it’s the same as you will become a burden and die easily.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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