4 Female Heroes Mobile Legends Counter Revamp Freya ML New!

The rebirth of Freya mobile legends is a surprise for all players. Never mind, admit it, this Revamp Freya mobile legends really makes the brain dizzy. Especially if you look at the crowd control. Really makes me grimace. Fortunately, there are several female heroes in Mobile Legends Counter, the New Freya ML Revamp.

Women can only be dealt with by women. This term seems really fitting for these female heroes. They have the potential to keep up with Freya and defeat him. That’s why, you can start using these female heroes.

Some of the mobile legends heroes who can match Freya can be obtained by players easily. Even though later when you stand up to Freya, it still depends on the abilities of each player, huh. But these heroes can be your initial capital to face Freya.


Marksman ML player

The first female hero who has the potential to beat Freya is Wanwan. Wanwan the Marksman has the ability to attack long distances. This ability is coupled with a high level of damage from each attack. These two abilities can make Freya fail to attack.

Wanwan’s best value is that it makes Freya difficult to get the Sacred Orb. This is Wanwan’s magic that allows players to win against Freya.


Guinevere is a hero who also has the potential to beat Freya. This female hero has a legend of the ability to charge and burst damage which is really fatal to the enemy. Not to mention that if you have been hit by Guinevere’s knock-ups, the enemy can do nothing. It’s really complicated if you get a knock-up by Guinevere.

Guinevere’s knock-up ability can be an asset to face Freya. But you have to be brave enough to attack and be smart to keep the moment to make knock-ups. Because if Freya gets hit by a knock-up, it will most likely lose.


This one hero has the potential to win when he faces Freya. The condition was that Silvanna had to attack first. Silvanna’s lockdown ability can be a really mainstay for battles. But players have to be more vigilant when relying on Silvanna. Even though she has potential, Silvanna could lose to Freya.

That’s why, the main point when using Silvanna is to attack first and do a lockdown as soon as possible. One of the main requirements to defeat Freya is the ability to produce high damage. If this condition is met, it must be added with other combinations, such as crowd-control and defensive ability. As long as those three conditions are met, Freya isn’t really a big deal, though.


Who doesn’t know Masha ?. This one hero was the favorite choice of mobile legends players when it was launched. Apart from having thick blood with 3 HP bars, his attacks are also very deadly.

For those of you who want to face revamp mobile legends freya, you can use masha so that freya becomes blunt. This is because Masha’s skill doesn’t give mercy to Freya to issue her skills when fighting 1vs1.

These female heroes can beat Freya, here. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any male heroes who can beat Freya. There are several male heroes in Mobile Legends who can beat Freya. You can find yourself in the game. As long as you just remember the hero counter freya revamp mobile legends, you can calmly fight this hero.

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