4 Favorite Deadly Weapons in PUBG Mobile!

Games with the battle royal genre are fun to play. Especially if you are with your friends. Share the loot, protect your fellow friends, and maybe even funny things happen while playing this game. However, sometimes you have to fight over the Favorite PUBG Mobile Weapon that kills your fellow squads or your opponents.

Apart from your own style of play, the weapons you use also determine your squad to get the chicken dinner, you know. There are several favorite weapons that are always used by PUBG Mobile players to win battles.

PUBG Mobile’s Favorite Deadly Weapon

The following is a list of weapons which are the most favorite weapons in the pubg mobile game. So, which is your preferred pubg mobile weapon?

AWM Sniper Weapon

You can only get this weapon through the water drop in PUBG Mobile. Besides that, you also have to fight with your opponents before you get this AWM weapon. This is because all PUBG Mobile players must go straight to the water drop. This means that you will meet many enemies in the area. Make sure, you guys are careful to take this weapon on Water Drop.

PUBG Mobile players are hunting for this weapon because the damage given by the AWM Sniper weapon is very high. You can do a headshot with just one shot when you target an enemy wearing a helmet below level 3. If your enemy is wearing a level 3 helmet, the helmet immediately cannot be used when you headshot your enemy.

PUBG Mobile’s Favorite Weapon M416

The weapon is often used by pubg mobile.Second, M416 is the Assault Riffle weapon that is most widely used by all PUBGM players. The M416 weapon is arguably the most formidable weapon with a high firing speed and very painful damage and is suitable for close range shooting.

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By using the 5.56 mm bullet type or green bullet which will certainly reduce recoil. Usually weapons that use the 5.56 mm bullet type are very easy to spray down long distances with 6x which is reduced to 3x. Then the addition of the grip on this weapon will greatly affect the use of the M416 weapon.

That way, comfortable recoil, good shooting range, and high damage make this weapon a favorite weapon for PUBG Mobile players.

PUBG Mobile’s Kar98K weapon

The PUBG Mobile Kar98K Favorite Weapon itself includes weapons that are similar to the AWM. It has a sniper rifle type. The Kar98K weapon is the favorite weapon of PUBG Mobile players, this is because of the very good accuracy and distance of the Kar98K weapon. In addition, this weapon is easily found in several areas in the PUBG Mobile map including buildings. This is not like AWM weapons which you can only get on Air Drop.

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So, PUBG Mobile players can loot this PUBG Mobile Kar98K Weapon by looking for it in every corner of the building. You can combine this with scope x8 to get the optimum jangakaun from this Kar98K weapon. In addition, the damage is no less painful than the AWM PUBG Mobile weapon. You can also use bullet loops so you can reload at once five bullets and also don’t forget to use the Sniper suppresor to keep the sound of your shots at bay.

PUBG Mobile AKM weapons

This weapon, often used by pubg mobile, is a weapon that is famous for its painful damage, especially if you are sprayed with bullets that come out of this weapon. Instead of being able to run away, you are immediately knocked down by this weapon.

The AKM weapon itself has painful damage at close range, but the drawback at long distance is the accuracy of this weapon. When you spray the bullets, it will be difficult to control them according to the position you want. Usually, the players PUBG Mobile outsmart this by using a compensator on this PUBG Mobile AKM weapon. This aims to stabilize the AKM weapon so that it is easy to control.

You can kill anyone with a list of favorite weapons on PUBG mobile. By using these weapons you will be able to chicken dinner easily. Although this also depends on the pilot, but you also have to know how to master these weapons

Thus is an explanation of PUBG Mobile’s Favorite Deadly Weapon !. Of the weapons above, which one do you like best in playing PUBG Mobile.

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