4 Deadly Hero Silence in Mobile Legends (ML), Enemies Auto Run!

Hero Silence in Mobile Legends is one of the heroes with special abilities that can make the opponent’s hero stop moving for some time. Be it stun or other crowd control skills. There are 4 Hero Silence ML Ngeselin in Mobile Legends, which you can try when playing

So until now, the Hero Silence in Mobile Legends is deadly with only two of these skills, including Natalia and Helcurt, but we will add several heroes who may have the same skills as the two heroes.

Heroes with silence skills can prevent enemies from using skills. The following is a list of heroes with deadly silence skills:

  1. Natalia
  2. Helcurt
  3. Selena
  4. Eudora

This has been summarized by esportsku so that you can read it more easily. With silence skill, enemies will not be able to use skills to attack or run from you.

Hero Silence in Mobile Legends is deadly to Natalia

Natalia is a hero with the best Silence skills that you can play in Mobile Legends. He can easily enter into enemy formation to kill enemy core heroes quickly.

As an assassin hero, Natalia benefits greatly in this, because she can disappear and appear to give damage and silence to the targeted enemy.

Moreover, in the current 17 season, Natalia has been revamped by Moonton by providing several advantages such as you don’t need to hide in ambush so that it can disappear. He becomes a Deadly Hero Silence in Mobile Legends by just using the ultimate if in a pinch, and you can kill the enemy quickly.

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Hero Silence ML kills Helcurt

Does not disappear, but Helcurt can make the enemy’s vision black. Helcurt is an assassin hero who has the most OP burst damage ability in Mobile Legends.

In addition, when the enemy attacks Helcurt, the enemy will get a silence skill which allows the enemy to not be able to issue any skills for a few seconds.

Helcurt can be categorized as the best assassin hero in Mobile Season 17, with his ability to make enemies think twice about attacking, Helcurt can also easily kill enemies instantly.

Helcurt is one of the Deadly Silence Heroes in Mobile Legends which has a fairly long silence effect. Coupled with the ultimate skill that makes enemies blind to the map. So, this hero really turns off silence and also blurs the player’s view.

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Hero Mobile Legends with true silence skills are only two. However, we will add several other Deadly ML Hero Silences which are categorized as still the same. Namely, making the enemy silent for a few seconds and unable to carry out any attacks (silence).

So one of them is Selena. Selena has the most terrible stun ability in Mobile Legends. The stun is not a silence skill, but it can have the same effect. So, in our opinion Selena is still included in the Deadly Hero Silence ML that you can use.

Apart from having high enough damage with this ability, Selena can be the most terrible assassin in Mobile Legends.

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If you look at the terrible ability of the stun skill, Eudora is one of them. Indeed, this skill is not a Silence like Helcurt and Natalia, but Eudora’s stun skill has a long duration and great damage.

With one skill combination, Eudora is able to kill enemies quickly. This hero who is a mage is very useful when the team fights to become support in Mobile Legends.

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So, those are some of the heroes with deadly Silence abilities in Mobile Legends today. There are only two heroes with these abilities, but actually there are still many heroes who have similar abilities. Now among the list of Deadly Hero Silence ML above, which is your favorite hero ?. Don’t forget to follow my esports on Instagram!

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