4 Best Tigreal Skins in Mobile Legends (ML)

Tigreal is one of the best heroes you can play in Mobile Legends. This hero tank has excellent CC capabilities and a powerful initiator when doing teamfight. In the Mobile Legends game itself, Tigreal has the best skins that we will review below. On this occasion, Esportsku will provide the best skins that the hero Tank Tigreal has in the Mobile Legends game.

Tigreal is very actively played, especially in the latest meta Season 18, after getting a revamp some time ago, now Tigreal is one of the best heroes that can be used as a tank with high CC capabilities. Until now, Tigreal only has a few cool skins that can be used.

Tigreal – Dark Guardian

First there is the newest Elite skin for the Tigreal hero named Dark Guardian. You can get this elite skin for only 399 diamonds or exchange it for Rare Skin Fragment as much as 70x if you want to get it for free.

Tigreal – Fallen Guard

It has a very cool appearance and changes the entire appearance that Tigreal has on this one skin. Fallen Guard has a characteristic appearance with full armor with a very stunning animated fire effect. You could say skin one is the best elite skin in Mobile Legends, you can buy it for 599 diamonds.

Tigreal – Wyrmslayer

This skin has a theme like a Viking hunter and is a Season 10 Skin prize given free by Moonton. You can see the dashing appearance of the Tigreal with the hallmark of a brave Viking warrior.

Tigreal – Lightborn Defender

Lastly, and the newest skin that Tigreal has, is the skin which is a squad from Lightborn. This one skin is called Defender and has a theme like a royal soldier in the Land of Dawn. You can get the Lightborn Defender skin by buying it for 1089 diamonds.

That’s all the best skins that the hero Tank Tigreal has in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully the above reviews can be useful.

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