4 Best Character in Free Fire (FF) Using the CG15

The CG15 is one of the most unique weapon in Free Fire that you can use. This weapon is both an SMG and a sniper rifle at the same time. And the stats is also surprisingly unique. The most interesting part of this weapon is that, this weapon has a 999 damage. And now we have some of the best character in Free Fire using the CG15.

4 Best Character in Free Fire (FF) Using the CG15


The ability that this character has is really deadly as a rusher in Free Fire. His skill will make him able to heal himself, after he kills an enemy with either the shotgun or the SMG. With the CG15, Jota will surely be more deadly in the game. This proves that Jota can also be a good sniper in Free Fire without having to rush the enemy all the time.


The next character is Laura, where her skill is really useful as a sniper in Free Fire. She is capable of increasing her firing accuracy if using a scope on her weapon. Which is why, it will be much easier to use the CG15 using this character.

The SMG has a quite terrible accuracy indeed. But the CG15 is unlike any other SMG in Free Fire. Even though this weapon is an SMG, the CG15 is way more dominant as a sniper in the game. Which is why Laura is really suitable with this weapon.


The next character is one of the meta character in Free Fire, which is Wolfrahh. Wolfrahh has a really powerful offensive skill. His skill will make him able to increase his damage, while firing at the enemy’s body. So you don’t even need to aim for a headshot using this character, because a body damage is nearly equal to the headshot damage. The ability of the CG15 itself is already deadly with maximum damage stats.


The last character in Free Fire that is suitable using the CG15 is Rafael. Rafael is a silent killer in Free Fire. His skill makes him able to silence all of the weapon that he equips in the game. Which is why, he is suitable to use the CG15 in Free Fire.

With the CG15 silenced, it will be even more deadly since the enemy won’t be able to spot your location as you attack towards them.

And that’s some of the best character in Free Fire using the CG15. Make sure to follow esportsku on Instagram for more tips to come!

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