3 Ways To Become The Best ML Ganker And Roamer In Mobile Legends

For many beginner mobile legends players roaming and ganking may sound very difficult. This is because there are so many factors and things that determine when doing it. In addition, many players don’t know when and what to do when ganking and roaming. Well this time we will discuss, How to Become the Best ML Ganker and Roamer in Mobile Legends

Counting the number of these things, it is rather difficult to rank and roam, especially playing in solo queues or with teams that do not communicate well. Some of these things will make ganking and roaming a bit difficult because it is difficult to cooperate with other players. But if you manage to do it, gankin and roaming will be one of the winning factors.

These 3 ways are the basics when playing later, and they are very important. You can see below;

  1. Understand the trade process
  2. Take advantage of the situation
  3. Pay attention to items

These three things can help you become even better tankers according to my Esports. This is only basic because there are many other high levels.

Here we will provide several ways and techniques to become the best ganker and roamer in Mobile Legends. You need to remember and pay attention because this will be very important for you even though you don’t play as gankers and roamer.


The things you need to learn and pay attention to when ganking and roaming are actually quite a lot and all of them are also very important. By paying attention to the basics when ganking and roaming you will also make it easier later on from the process. Not only that, you can also implement the opposite, if you feel that you will be ganged up on, some of these signs will appear.


Build Item Mobile Legends Esmeralda

The first thing you need to pay attention to is vision. Vision is your visibility in Mobile Legends and it will be very important whether you do solo gank or group gank. This is very important because you need information in front of you, it is not good if you just gank without information and just blindly enter the opponent’s trap. Always ask your roamer to give vision.

The two are heroes, you guys must use the right hero. Even though technically all heroes in Mobile Legends can gang up, there are some heroes who really benefit. Many people say that assassins are the best mobile legends role for ganking, but that is wrong because ganks don’t see roles. The most important thing for you to pay attention to is that your hero must have high CC and damage.

The best of all things considered, this article was originally published in Indonesian language.

The third is trade, and this you have to pay close attention to. You have to take into account the distance, time, energy spent on the gang, and the result. If you do a gang, you have to be sure that the results will be very good for you and the team. It’s useless if you bring 3 heroes to gank one hero and it turns out that you have to lose the tower and your core hero is also kidnapped. Everything must be in balance or benefit you.


When you do ganking you must be able to read the situation and conditions. This is very important because it will be a measure of your success. Time for ganking is actually not the most appropriate, but as early as possible it will be better. Always rotate and gank enemies who are in an offside position. If you plan on diving be careful and always make profitable trades.

In addition, you can use ganking as a counter push tool. Always ambush offside enemies when pushing and luring the rest of the opposing team. With this your team can do splitpush safely.

Ganker and Roamer items

In addition to the methods above that complement all of these things, is the build item for a ganker or roamer on this mobile legends. Make sure you make a good build item for that. Starting from a ganker by completing team items such as anti-critical, critical, and overtime items that give you a boost as a true ganker.

The best of all things considered, this article was originally published in Indonesian language.

In addition, those of you who want to become a roamer, make sure you buy a special roaming build that can be paired with the mobile legends role you are using. For example, when you use tank-roam, use a build item that matches your roaming item so you can push your core hero. Then, if you are a jungler-roam, use jungle items by dealing high damage as a roamer by moving from lane one lane to another.

Those are some tips and strategies so that you become the best ganker in Mobile Legends. It’s a bit complicated but if you keep practicing and playing it all will get easier. If you can play with friends so that communication is smoother and can be compromised.

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