3 Things That Role Sniper Should Do in the PUBG Mobile Game

In battle royale games like PUBG Mobile, you can play with several styles of play in the game. One of them is for those of you who play as a sniper or sniper role. This time we will provide information about 3 things that must be done by role snipers in the PUBG Mobile game so that you can become a reliable sniper.

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game that provides several Classicm game modes, for example solo mode, duo mode, and squad mode. In each Classic mode you can determine what style of play you want to play in the game.

If you like to play brutal with melee attacks, of course the role rusher is for you. But if you like to play in silence at long distances, yes, of course you can play as a sniper or sniper. Here are 3 things a player who is a sniper should do in the game.

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3 Things a Role Sniper Must Do

Being a sniper has its own challenges. Maybe a sniper can’t get the most kills in the game. But the way he got the kills was cool. First of all, you also have to pay attention to which sniper weapon suits your style of play so that you can choose it in a game where you can read the full tips here.

Here are 3 things a sniper role must do in the game.

1. Understand the Situation in the Arena

The first thing a sniper role must do is understand the situation in the arena. Playing as a sniper must be familiar with the place where he is hiding to monitor from a distance. Without understanding the situation and the origin of choosing a place, it will actually make the position unsafe because it is easy to find out.

In addition, if you want to shoot, you must understand the situation. Because the sound of sniper gunfire was quite loud. You can use a silencer or shoot at the right time when other players around your shot are not too close so that they are less aware of the sound of your sniper shooting.

2. Monitoring from a Place with a Wide Visibility

The second thing that the sniper role must do is monitor from a place with a wide viewing distance. For example, you can find a high place. From a high place, a sniper will have wide visibility to monitor and target the enemy. The advantage is that your enemies who are in the area lower than you will have a hard time reaching you.

In addition to a high place, you can also hide in one corner of the field. With that position, you have a wide visibility with a large field. But if your position is found out, hurry up and go.

3. Finding Information

For a sniper in squad mode, your job isn’t just to attack enemies from a distance. But also looking for information about the position of your enemy. The point is that a sniper can monitor enemies from a distance. That way he knew where the enemy team was.

It’s useful to notify your team before rotating there. Or when you want to do war with the team that is under the sniper’s watch. Therefore, a sniper in the squad must often provide information to his team regarding the whereabouts of the enemy team.

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Those are 3 things a sniper role must do in the PUBG Mobile game. Pay attention to these three things if you play as a sniper in the game. Thank you!

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