3 Special FAMAS Skins for Free Fire Bara Api, Cool on FF!

Weapons are important items in the Free Fire game. Therefore, in choosing a weapon, every player must consider it seriously. In addition, weapon skins must also be considered so that Senjaya’s performance will be even greater. This time I will provide information about 3 Skins of FAMAS Bara Api Free Fire.

Free Fire as the best battle royale game has an abundance of items in it. Weapon skins are also presented in this game in very large numbers. One of the weapons that has the most skins is FAMAS. Now it turns out that of the many FAMAS skins, there are 3 red skins. About anything? Check out the following article.


FAMAS is an Assault Rifle (AR) type weapon with a damage of 53. This weapon is good for use at medium and long distances. The uniqueness of this weapon with an intermediate level of accuracy is that it takes out 3 bullets at once in one shot. The advantage is that it has a high rate of fire speed.

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Here are 3 FAMAS skins that are burning red.

Gun Skin Vampire FAMAS

The red FAMAS weapon skin is the FAMAS Vampire skin. This skin has the theme of a blood-eating vampire. Even from the appearance, FAMAS is only dark red like blood. The style mixes a vampire theme with a technology theme so that we can see the body of the weapon is like a robot.

The performance of this vampire skin is to increase weapon damage by two points. This is what makes this skin as deadly as a vampire. Apart from that this skin also increases the weapon magazine. The drawback of this skin is that it reduces the range. Of course this is not a serious problem because FAMAS is known as a weapon with a fairly long range of attacks.

Gun Skin FAMAS World Series

As mentioned, the FAMAS skin described here has a fiery red theme, including fire. So this skin has a slightly orange red color which means it’s like a hot iron burning. The combination with black makes this FAMAS skin look attractive. Not to mention the robotic style. It’s just that there is no clear correlation between the name “World Series” and the appearance of the weapon.

For the performance of this skin, it increases the rate of fire of the weapon by two points. This will make the FAMAS attack become continuous and the shot becomes hot like fire. Apart from that this skin also increases the reload speed. But the drawback is that it reduces the level of accuracy.

Gun Skin FAMAS Swagger Ownage

Get the Famas FF Swagger Ownage Free Fire Weapon Skin

The next skin is the FAMAS Swagger Ownage skin. In appearance, this skin is actually dominated by yellow. However, if you pay close attention, there is a fiery red color on the back of the FAMAS body. So the yellow here is like sparks.

For performance, this fire-patterned skin increases the weapon’s range by two points. In addition, weapon damage also increased. So the FAMAS long range attack will have deadly damage. The drawback is that it reduces the reload speed.

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Those are 3 red FAMAS skins that make the FF match even more burning and full of blood. These three skins have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Thank you and booyah!

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