3 Reasons for Hanzo’s Lack of Interest in Mobile Legends Players

Here are 3 reasons why Hanzo is less attractive to players Mobile Legends wherever they are. For what reason?

Behind the appearance that looks very weak, make no mistake Hanzo actually has great potential and can push into the meta of the game MLBB now.

Hanzo himself has a very unique ability when fighting, which is that he can split his body in half and his shadow can be used to attack opponents.

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But even though it looks OP, the players are still reluctant to use this one hero. What is the reason? SPIN Esports will give 3 reasons why Hanzo is less attractive to players ML.

Easy on the counter

Hanzo mobile legends

The first most important reason is that Hanzo is one of the heroes who is very easy to count.

You just have to find the location of his shadow and kill him right away. Especially if you use Natalia, Hayabusa, etc., Hanzo is guaranteed to die easily.

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Less Effective for War

Hanzo mobile legends

The second reason is that it is ineffective during the war, even though Hanzo has an area skill but still this skill is less effective.

Hanzo is very effective when in a 1vs1 state with his shadow. The remaining skills are less useful for war.

Not Lively

Hanzo mobile legends

Unlike other assassin heroes, Hanzo is a slow hero even though he can move places by following his shadow.

But still it’s not enough he has to have swash skills like Lancelot or others.

Those are 3 reasons why Hanzo is less attractive to players Mobile Legends the SPIN Esports version.

Opinion of SPIN Esports

Hero ML Revamp doesn't sell
source: uhdpaper.com

Actually, Hanzo deserves to be in the meta, he is very effective at killing core or support because of his ability to stab directly back.

It’s just that his shadow can be found which makes Hanzo very easy to beat, especially when fighting heroes like Hayabusa, Harley, Natalia. and so forth.

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