3 of the best combo items for Mage Bruiser in Mobile Legends and their suitable heroes!

Mage Bruiser is a slightly different role for mobile legends. Generally, mages are weak heroes and are easy to kill, but some of these hero mage bruisers can cause damage to enemies and are quite sustainable. These heroes do not have relatively high damage as high as other top mages, but they are strong in their respective positions.

These items will be a must-buy for these mobile legends heroes. They would greatly benefit from using these three items even if only two were enough.

Here we will provide the three best items for mage bruisers and also some heroes who are suitable for using them. This is very important for you to remember and learn for sure.

Mage Bruiser ML item


FoH is the most important item to buy for heero-hero mage bruisers. Not only relying on damage from their skills, these mage heroes must be able to exchange damage with auto attacks. This item is very strong for other heroes to buy.


With CE at least these bruisers can survive many battles. This very helpful lifesteal can provide an advantage when exchanging damage with an opponent.


Oracle is an often underrated but very powerful item. This item will provide a high and strong stat, besides that the passive is very helpful. Increasing the heal and shield effects, of course it is very strong for this hero mage bruiser.

Hero Mage Bruiser Mobile Legends

Those are the three most important items for bruiser mage to buy. These items will be the backbone of their build items. Next we will talk about a very suitable hero.


Silvanna is a very deadly fighter mage hero and is the best hero in the current Mobile Legends fighter. Himself with these items can provide very high damage and also remains very thick, especially in the lifesteal section.


Guinevere is a combo fighter mage hero who is strong in exchanging damage. As a hero bruiser, he is quite thick and able to provide high damage to enemies.


Esmeralda is more like a tank mage. Very helped by her high damage, Esmeralda is also greatly helped by her thick shield. It’s really hard to kill this one without a coutner.


Somewhat different from other heroes, Harith is a hero who moves more often to avoid enemy attacks. Can deal high damage, he is also very difficult to kill by opponents.

Those are the 3 best items that you can use as a mage bruiser item. These items will be your best items if you plan to exchange damage and become a thick mage.

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