3 New Melee Weapon in Free Fire (FF) in September?

Free Fire is a battle royale game that is really popular, with many users worldwide. This game is quite interesting for you to play with many items and characters options that you can use in the game. The battle is also quite interesting, with many types of battle available for you to try with. In any game mode, there are many melee weapons that you can try to kill you enemy in close range. And lately, there is an info that Garena will release a new melee weapon. What could possibly be the new melee weapon in Free Fire? Here we have some new melee weapon in Free Fire that will possibly be available in the game in September.

3 New Melee Weapon in Free Fire (FF) in September?

Double Stick

Have you ever seen someone using a double stick? This weapon will actually make everyone look cool just by using it. What if this weapon will actually release in the game? It will definitely be one of the best melee weapon in Free Fire that you can use.

This weapon might be one of the best melee weapon innovation in Free Fire. As we know it, the double stick requires some cool techniques to use it properly. So there is a chance that this weapon will release to the game.

Stick Police

The next possible melee weapon in Free Fire is the stick police. This is a weapon that is usually carried by the police officer. This weapon is a baton that is effective to take down an enemy to the ground.

This weapon can be the new meta if the developer really releases this item to the game. Melee battles will also possibly be more popular, with this weapon available in the game.

Taser Stick

The last weapon is the taser stick, which is one of the most unique weapon if it is actually available in Free Fire. This is one of the best weapon for your close range defense. This weapon is usually used by women to defend themselves in real life.

The ability of this weapon is also really dangerous to counter your enemy. The high electricity that this weapon gives will surely knocks out anyone if you attack them with it.

And that’s some of the melee weapon that might actually be released by the game developer. Let’s hope that Garena will actually add more melee weapons in the game, to add more variety in the melee items. Be sure to follow esportsku on Instagram for more tips to come!

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