3 ML Heroes Who Use Genius Wand Items in Mobile Legends

You can buy items for your heroes in Mobile Legends, to increase the attributes of the heroes you use. This can make the hero you use stronger. In addition to items, you can also level up your hero to increase hero stats and increase his skills. Here we will discuss the items and heroes in Mobile Legends.

To be able to win against other enemy heroes, you must be able to make the hero you use stronger. Therefore, you have to increase the level of the hero you are using, and use items. Items can increase hero attributes such as damage, defense and others. This can make the hero you use stronger. Therefore you have to buy this item to strengthen the hero you are using.

There are other things you should know about items in Mobile Legends. Some items in Mobile Legends have passive skills that you can use. Each of these skills has a different effect, depending on the item you are using. The thing that you have to remember is, this passive skill cannot be stacked. So, if you use the same passive skill or use the same 2 items, you only get 1 passive skill. So, use a different item, so that the use of the build item is more effective.

Here we will provide tips about, ML Heroes Who Use Genius Wand Items. Usually the one who uses this item is a mage hero. Because, the attributes this item has and its passivity, can make your magical attacks stronger. Here are the details.

ML Heroes Who Use Genius Wand Items

Attribute Unique Passive
+75 Magic Power
+ 5% Movement Speed
+15 Magical PEN
Passive Ability – Magic
Dealing damage to enemy heroes will reduce 3 – 10 of their Magic Defense (scales with level).
This effect lasts for 2 seconds and can be stacked up to 3 times.

Magic Wand has a high Magic Power stat and magical PEN that can help you penetrate enemy armor. The passive that this item has is also good. You will reduce the enemy’s Magic Defense, every time you do damage. In fact, the effect can be stacked up to 3 times, and has a duration of 2 seconds. This item is perfect for fighting tanks, or against enemies with high magical defense.


The following are heroes who usually use Magic Wand, and are very strong in using their items:


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Odette has high poke skills and a strong DOT at her Ultimate. With his skills, Odette can continue to attack enemies easily, using her CC and Ultimate skills.


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Kagura is a hero of Reap who can attack enemies at great distances. This skill that makes him attack the enemy continuously, can make him a fierce mage, because it uses the Genius Wand item. With this item, Kagura can continuously reduce the enemy’s Magic Def.


ML Heroes Who Use Genius Wand Items

Lunox is also a Poke mage that can continuously attack enemies from a distance. By using the Magic Wand, Lunox can continue to lower the enemy’s Magic Def. Or, use the Ultimate to deal high damage.

Those are tips about ML heroes who usually use Genius Wand items. This item is very strong for mages, because it can reduce the enemy’s Magic Defense. While the enemy’s defense drops, this hero deals endless damage. Also Follow Our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!

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