3 ML heroes that are perfect for the Calamity Reaper item in Mobile Legends!

Items in Mobile Legends are various for you to use as well as suitable heroes. Each item has a different stat boost and has different Passive or Active skills. You have to pay attention to the use of items, so that your Hero becomes even stronger. Therefore, not only level, but gold is also important when you play.

Here we will give tips regarding the Magic Damage item Calamity Reaper Mobile Legends, and the heroes who use it. This item is very strong for mages and is one of the items that are widely used in the Item Build mage. Not only has a good stat, this item has a skill that is useful as Burst damage.

One of these magical items is very strong, because it has high stats and passive skills that have high damage. The item is the Calamity Reaper. Many heroes who have magical attacks use this item, because it can deal high damage. Usually those who use this item are the Mage Hero with the Burst or Mage Assassin type. Because the damage that the Mage has is very high, and has high damage.

Magic Damage Item: Calamity Reaper Mobile Legends

+70 Magic Power
+100 Mana
+30 Mana Regen
+ 10% CD Reduction
-Passive Ability – Calamity
-After using the skill, the next normal attack will get a True Damage bonus of 120% of your Hero’s Magic Attack and provide an additional movement speed of 10% temporarily. This effect has a cooldown of 1.5 seconds.

This item can increase Magic Power and CD Reduction to your Hero. The skill that this item has is also strong. Every time your Hero uses a skill, your Basic Attack Hero will provide additional Magic Attack which is scaled from your Magic Attack hero. Hero Mage usually relies on skills that make him stronger, and can strengthen each of his basic attacks. However, his skills have CDs, so you can’t keep using them.


Selena is a Mage Assassin Hero with high Burst skills. Selena can strengthen her Basic Attack with Stack from her skill and her own Skill which can give Burst damage. By using the Calamity Reaper, the basic attack given becomes even greater. So these items can make Selena give very high Burst Damage.


Karina is a Mage-Assassin who also has high burst damage. She can approach enemies and provide burst damage easily. Her Ultimate Skill becomes a good Finisher for resetting skills. A skill that makes her strengthen her Basic Attack, allowing her to inflict high damage on enemies.


Guinevere is a Burst Mage with a skill that can attack enemies easily. Guinevere has a Stack which, when Full, her Basic Attack will launch an attack with a long range and high damage.

That’s the info regarding the Magic Damage Calamity Reaper item in Mobile Legends and the Hero who uses it. Item Build is very important when playing Mobile Legends. Therefore, it’s a good idea to know what items you are using, so it will be easier for you to buy items. Also Follow Our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!

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