3 ML heroes suitable for using Demon Hunter Sword Mobile Legends items

By using suitable items, the Hero you use will become stronger. Therefore, it’s a good idea to use items that match your hero, so that they can be more effective. Here we will discuss the item demon sword ML and hero in Mobile Legends that are suitable for using it.

Mobile Legends has many items that you can use. Items in Mobile Legends are very important. Because, items in Mobile Legends have attributes that can increase the hero stats you use. Items can increase Damage or Defense, depending on the hero you use. It’s a good idea to pay attention to the items you use. Because, there are many things you should know when using items.

There are many things that you have to pay attention to when using items. Some items not only have attributes that can increase stats, but some have passive attributes. Some items have a passive that you can use, but there are things you should pay attention to. Passive on items cannot be stacked. If you use 2 or more of the same items, the passive you get is only 1. Therefore, use different items to make it more effective.

Well, we will provide tips regarding, Hero ML Suitable for Using Demon Hunter Sword items mobile legends. This item is usually used by Marksman who rely on Attack Speed. We will provide hero recommendations and item details for you, so that you understand the use of this item properly.

Hero ML is suitable for using Demon Hunter Sword items

+35 Physical ATK
+ 25% Attack Speed
Passive Ability – Devour
Normal attacks will add 9% of the target’s HP in addition to physical damage (a maximum of 60 to monsters). Every ordinary attack will get a 4% Lifesteal effect for 3 seconds, can be stacked 5 times.

Demon Hunter Sword has good attributes for Marksman, because it has additional Physical attack and Atk Speed. In addition, his passivity allows marksman to easily fight tank heroes or heroes who have thick blood. The skill makes the user’s basic attack of this item, getting an additional damage of 9% of the target’s cellphone as physical damage. In addition, you also get additional lifesteal for item users.


The following are heroes who usually use Demon Hunter Sword items. If you use one of the heroes below, try using the Demon Hunter Sword item in your build item.


Hero Counter Baxia ML in Ranked Mobile Legends

Karrie can attack enemies quickly thanks to her attack speed and ultimate. Karrie can fire 2 attacks in 1 basic attack by using her ultimate. This allows him to deal high damage from his pass and Demon Hunter Sword items.


Hero ML is suitable for using Demon Hunter Sword items

Miya is a marksman hero with a high attack speed. This hero can provide high damage by relying on attack speed, and has high raw damage from the Demon Hunter Sword item.


Critical Attack Mobile Legends

Claude is a marksman who has a unique passive. Claude can fire 2 attacks at once, which has the same passive as Claude himself. With a high attack speed, you can deal high damage even against tanks.

Those are tips about ML Hero Suitable for Using Demon Hunter Sword Items. This item is usually for Marksman heroes, or heroes who rely on attack speed. This item will allow each of your attacks to add additional damage and provide a lifesteal. Also Follow Our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!

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