3 Mandatory ML Roamer Items in Season 16 of Mobile Legends, Their Functions and Uses!

If you play or plan to play tanks or support in Mobile Legends, of course you are familiar with support items that are often used by this role. Support items have many options that you can use, these items have different functions too, so you have to understand too. This time there are 3 Mandatory ML Roamer Items in Season 16 of Mobile Legends that you should understand.

The reason for buying roaming items on your support hero – tank is about exp and gold. In Mobile Legends there is a system called exp / gold share, where the more heroes gather in one place, the exp and gold will be divided evenly, more so if you last hit the creep.

If you buy this support item, you will not get exp and gold, the reason is that the hero you accompany, especially the carry, will have the advantage of farming and are not burdened by your presence.

This support item but still provides quite a lot of gold for you. If you use a support item, you will get 30% more gold and exp every time you do an assist, therefore ganking in the early game is a very important factor. And also if you have net worth lowest in the team, you will get gold and exp of 20 and 35 points every 4 seconds.


Awe Mask is a support item that has passive Devotion and Thriving, and also has a passive called Awe where each of your basic damage will mark your opponent. This sign will debuff the target, where if they take damage several times in a short time from your team they will be stunned.


From this Courage Mask item, there is a passive which is Bravery. Bravery has a very strong effect if you always stick with friends because this effect provides physical / magic attack, physical / magic defense, HP, and mana regen for your team hero friends around the user. In addition, this item has another effect called Encourage which increases MVSPD and physical / magical attacks for surrounding friends.


Shadow mask is an item that is quite strong when ganking because it has a Conceal effect. This Conceal effect will make the user and surrounding friends enter the Conceal State for 5 seconds, ending if it is hit or does damage.

Those are the 3 functions of support items available in Mobile Legends. This support item is very strong for you to use if you play with support. By not playing selfishly, you can increase your team’s chances of winning and don’t burden the lane as support.

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