3 mainstay heroes for Evos Legends in MPL ID Season 6 Mobile Legends

After discussing Aura Fire’s mainstay hero, this time the Evos Legends team got their turn. Of course it will be an interesting discussion in exploring the mainstay hero of the team with the title of M1 on this one.

So far, EVOS has a performance that tends to be mediocre. Even so, EVOS still clings to its main strength which lies in strength team fight. Of course, EVOS also never fails to present a very exciting match.

Referring to the MPL ID standings, EVOS is now in the 5th position side by side with its true rival, RRQ Hoshi. In MPL ID Season 6, EVOS even has a pretty terrible flagship hero.

Call it the meeting between Evos Legends VS Alter Ego last night where the two teams competed for 1 hero. The reason is, the hero is not very popular with other teams in MPL ID. However, it is a mainstay of EVOS itself.

Therefore, let’s look at the following discussion about 4 mainstay heroes of Evos Legends in MPL ID Season 6!

1. Angela

Excluding OP and popular, Angela is the hero who is the mainstay of EVOS. Unmitigated, even this hobby made EVOS accept the term ‘META Angela’.

Not presenting Angela as support mage, but as offlaner. Angela in the hands of EVOS almost never fails to give EVOS its terrible breakout power.

EVOS REKT is a figure who really likes to use Angela. In fact, it was Angela who was in charge as offlaner cannot be underestimated. Coupled with combo Angela moment team fight happen.

Of course, Angela’s presence seems to be an insurance guarantee for EVOS at every moment team fight that is created.

2. Uranus

How to Play Uranus Mobile Legends

Still a mainstay of pro player the same, namely EVOS REKT, hero tank this one is still OP even though he has been repeatedlynerf by Moonton.

How not, Uranus EVOS REKT was barely able to be killed at all in the Land of Dawn. With extraordinary regeneration power, EVOS REKT with his Uranus is able to move at will to the innermost formation of the opponent.

3. Roger

This time, it was the turn of the mainstay hero from Sang carry Evos Legends. EVOS Wannn really likes using Roger. Especially when EVOS managed to secure Angela.

In other words, the combination of Angela and Roger is the most effective form of META Angela from Evos Legends. The reason is, Roger EVOS Wannn has never been reluctant to go crazy as a hyper carry thanks to Angela’s presence.

Although as hyper carry, Roger EVOS Wannn tended to have very high courage and aggressiveness. Of course EVOS Wannnn does not escape the careful calculation of his mastery of heroes fighter / marksman this one.

Those are the 3 mainstay heroes of Evos Legends in this MPL ID Season 6. No half-hearted, because EVOS is so fond of its flagship hero above, that it has even earned the nickname ‘META Angela’ which was discovered by EVOS itself!

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