3 Hero Mobile Legends for Counters Selena’s

In the game, Selena’s skill combination is able to kill opponents with just two or three attacks. This hero is very scary even since the game has just started in the early game phase. Selena can be said to be one of the unique MLBB heroes because of the combined role of Mage and Assassin at the same time.

Often times, when players meet Selena on the opposing side, they experience difficulties because the famous hero is very riotous in this lane. Before being hit by the deadly ‘catfish’ or Abyssal Arrow, you should try these 3 Mobile Legends heroes as a counter against Selena.

3 Hero Mobile Legends for Counters Selena’s


Hero with a role: Assassin with the agility and the amount of damage that can be generated, Lancelot is one of the overpowered heroes in MLBB. With his speed, Lancelot is of course able to silence Selena, who is known to be rioting in that lane. You can count on the damage and abilities that Lancelot has to make Selena overwhelmed in the match.

Moreover, the popularity of Lancelot, which was once faint, is now back soaring. Because Lancelot received a revamp update on his passive skill section. But you have to remember, to use Lancelot’s dash skill wisely, so you can get out of the dangerous area quickly after killing your opponent.


With great damage, difficulty capturing Hayabusa, and the individual strength of this hero in 1v1 with the opponent’s hero, Selena can definitely be overwhelmed.

When compared to Lancelot, Hayabusa does require sufficient equipment to be able to inflict great damage. Unlike Lancelot who can do it from the early game phase.


For the Mage and Marksman heroes, Natalia is a frightening figure. Because it is difficult to detect Natalia who is able to disappear, Selena will certainly always be threatened. With the sudden attack and silent effect that Natalia has, she can quickly kill Selena in almost every situation, condition, and position of Selena’s presence on the opposing side.

Natalia is also an assassin hero to consider, because Natalia received an update from ML and has become much stronger until this patch. Natalia is able to provide a silent effect and disappear several times instantly. If you used Natalia to face Selena, the decision to choose Natalia was the right choice.

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