3 Free Fire Characters Benefit from the June 2020 FF Maintenance Weapon Buff

This time Free Fire is running a new update in June 2020 where they provide several buffs and nerves to weapons. To be precise, there are 3 weapons that get a buff and 1 weapon that gets nerfed. This of course will have an indirect effect on some of the characters and playing styles that also exist in Free Fire. Well, this time there are 3 Free Fire Characters who benefit from the June 2020 FF Weapon buff that you should know to maximize them after the ff maintenance is complete.

You must study and explore because this is very important. By analyzing the weapons that are affected by nerf and buff, it will certainly have a high impact on some of the Free Fire characters that you will use. It is very important because by knowing these changes you can take advantage of the characters who will become stronger in Free Fire.

Here we will provide an explanation of the Free Fire characters who benefit from the buff and nerf weapons update this time. After today’s maintenance free fire is over, you can try these characters which will greatly benefit from this 3 weapon buff.


In this June update, there are 3 weapons that get very good buffs. Interestingly, these three weapons are of the AR type which falls into the DMR sub-category. The unique thing about DMR compared to other AR is that even though it has a lower RoF, these DMRs have very high damage and also a very helpful distance. At a distance these weapons will be very deadly.

The three weapons that get the June 2020 Free Fire buff are SKS, SVD, and M14. These three weapons were not very popular in the past because of the meta which greatly benefited many rusher weapons such as shotguns and SMGs. The main reason Free Fire provides buffs to these three weapons is to balance the game and also increase the popularity of these three weapons.

There are several changes to these three weapons, namely increasing damage and several other stats. It is very interesting because these weapons are sure to be used frequently because of their higher stats.

SVD get an upgrade:

  • Body Damage increased by 50%
  • Armor Penetration Increase 30%

SKS get an upgrade:

  • Increase Body Damage by 40%
  • Fire Rate Increase 7%
  • Armor Penetration 10%

M14 will get an upgrade:

  • Weapon Damage Increased From 50 To 58
  • Minimum Damage Increased From 20 To 30

Of course, the number of these buffs is no big deal because these three weapons will be very strong thanks to their higher and more consistent damage.

Interestingly, there must be some characters who benefit greatly this time thanks to their skills and playing style. Therefore, with the increase in the stats of these weapons, it will certainly allow this character to become stronger.


If you look at the three weapons that benefit from this buff, of course characters who take advantage of passive play and from a distance will benefit. These three characters will get buffs indirectly.


Mandatory Free Fire Attachment

Rafael is an interesting character thanks to his skills. He can be invisible on the minimap for a few moments while playing. This benefits when exposed to UAVs or other opponent’s skills. Therefore playing passive Rafael who relies on long distances will be very strong this time.


FF Characters Are Deadly When Using Sniper Free Fire!

Moco is a versatile character thanks to his skills. Can be used as a good support character for rusher, of course, with the buff, these three weapons can be very strong. DMR can be a choice of Moco weapons which will make it semi support. In addition, this character also has skills that can track free fire players so that they don’t get out of his hands


Of course, of all the characters in Free Fire, Laura is a character that really benefits this time. Laura, who has additional accuracy when using a scope, will be strong when using DMR that is buffed.

That is the explanation of the three weapons that get a buff and the three characters who of course will indirectly benefit greatly when playing with these weapons. With this weapon, of course, these three characters can become deadly characters.

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