3 Combo Heroes of Johnson in Mobile Legends, Hit Continue in ML!

Johnson is a hero role mobile legends tank that has CC skills that can stun enemies from a distance and has the ultimate in making it a car at full speed and can hit enemies easily, making it easy to become a roamer. You can use the stun skill to poke enemies from a distance. This time we will discuss about the Combo Hero Johnson Mobile Legends that you can do.

This makes it very easy for this hero to kill heroes from a distance. When johnson hits an enemy hero, they will be stunned and cause the area where the impact was collided to give AoE and slow damage making it difficult to run from johnson. This causes Johnson to have quite a lot of hero combos. Now we will talk about the Hero Mobile Legends Johnson combo that can bring 1 friend’s hero to bring this car.

On this occasion, there is a row of heroes who can maximize the ultimate and do the best combo with Johnson’s hero in the Mobile Legends game. With the following heroes, Johnson’s ability will be maximized and has excellent finishing skills. Come see the list.

3 Combo Heroes of Johnson in Mobile Legends, Hit Continue in ML!

3 Combo Heroes of Johnson in Mobile Legends, Hit Continue in ML!

Johnson has the Ultimate skill that can make it into a car and bring 1 Hero Friend to take with him. When he became a car, Johnson got a very large movement speed. If you hit an Enemy Hero, you will stop and give a Stun effect to the enemy hero and cause the area around the former collision to give AoE and slow damage.

You can combo with heroes who can easily damage enemies or give high burst damage so they will be easy to beat with 1 collision. The following is a list of heroes who can become Hero Combo Johnson.


3 Combo Heroes of Johnson in Mobile Legends, Hit Continue in ML!

Odette is a mage hero who can deal enormous damage with a large slow effect of up to 90% making him a very fierce mage. You can play with Johnson. When you return to base together, take Odette along with Johnson with Ultimate Johnson, after that look for targets to hit. When you hit enemy heroes, they will be stunned.

After hitting the enemy, Odette can finish it by using her Ultimate which gives a slow DPS area which is very fierce. With this Combo you can get a lot of kills because AoE Odette is very broad with great damage making it very ferocious, even with or without this Combo.


3 Combo Heroes of Johnson in Mobile Legends, Hit Continue in ML!

The next Johnson Mobile Legends combo hero is Aldous. Aldous is a hero fighter with a large burst of damage that can target enemies from a distance. Meanwhile, Johnson is a tank that can become a car, can hit enemies to give a stun effect and slow DPS. You can combine burst damage from Aldous and Ultimate Johnson Skill. When you get back to base, take Aldous along with his ultimate Johnson.

When you hit the enemy, Aldous can finish the rest with a very large burst of damage. If anyone manages to escape, Aldous can chase him with his Ultimate and Johnson can stop him with his Stun.


Claude is a Marksman who can shoot enemies with a very ferocious AoE Ultiamate skill. You can combine it with johnson which can lock enemies easily. When you guys get back to basics, bring Claude along with Ultimate johnson. After you hit enemy heroes, Claude can use his Ultimate by cleaning them.

That’s the list of heroes that Johnson can easily combine with. You don’t need to worry about crashing, because the collision has a stun effect and Johnson still has Stun skills from other skills that make it difficult for enemies to move. Plus the Slow area makes it difficult for the enemy to run from them. You can try this combo when playing with your friends, so that the possibility of this combo works easily.

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