3 Combo Hero Lolita Mobile Legends, Thicker in ML!

Lolita is an anti-Marksman tank mobile legends hero role, able to defend the team from Marksman’s attacks thanks to her shield. With her shield skill, Lolita can fend off all Projectiles, even Ultimate. This is the reason why Lolita is an anti-Marksman Support, a widely used support Lolita also has single stun skills and slow AoE Damage from its Ultimate. This time we will discuss about Combo Hero Lolita Mobile Legends that you should know.

This hero can be a huge shield and damage thanks to his ultimate. That way, Lolita can be an excellent support for Team Fight and chasing enemies. Lolita can also be combined with several heroes well. Here we will discuss Hero Combos that are suitable for Lolita.

Best Lolita ML Item Build in Mobile Legends 2020

Lolita can keep Marksman from Projectile, Chase enemies with single taget stun, and give damage from Team Fight with her ultimate. Heroes who are suitable for Lolita are heroes who can inflict great damage and provide CC so that Ultimate Lolita can be fully charged and provide great stun and damage. The following are 3 selected heroes who can become Combo Hero with Lolita.


Claude is a marksman hero who has the Ultimate who can shoot multiple enemies at once with a fairly wide range. However, Claude couldn’t continue to use his skills because when he was hit by CC like a stun, he would stop using his skills.

Therefore, to maintain his ultimate, Claude can be combined with Lolita. When Team Fight, Lolita will charge the ultimate, at that time Claude will slow down the enemy Hero with his skills.

After that, when Ultimate Lolita is about to reach its limit, use its Ultimate to clean it. This combo for him needs the right timing and the correct position.


Minsitthar is a fighter hero who can create an arena where, the hero in the arena cannot use Dash or Blink skills. So you can lock the hero in the arena so you don’t use escape skills. Minsitthar’s skills work well with Lolita.

When you are in Team Fight and see enemies gathering, Use Ultimate Minsitthar. At the same time Lolita uses the ultimate to give slow mobile legends to the enemy. So the enemy will take damage from Ultimate Minsitthar and take damage and stun when Lolita finishes charging. Their combo will be very effective even in Team Fight.


How to Play Uranus Mobile Legends

Uranus is a Sustain tank hero with a very large damage area and has skills that can slow down. Uranus can withstand many enemy attacks very easily thanks to its large defenses and movment speed up that can make it run easily. The skill can be used to chase enemies and run from enemies.

Uranus combines with Lolita because Lolita needs a Hero who can keep the enemy in her AoE. So when Lolita uses her Ultimate, Uranus can inflict great damage on heroes who try to escape. Those who are still in Lolita’s range will be exposed to high stun and damage.

By making Uranus a hero combo with Lolita, of course, it can make it easier for Lolita to play and improve Lolita’s performance. Uranus can protect Lolita and at the same time can make enemies in the area that is affected by the damage from Lolita’s skills. Therefore Uranus can be one of the best hero combos for Lolita.

That’s a hero combo that fits perfectly with Lolita. Like the rolenya, Lolita is only an Anti Marksman support tank that can repel all Projectiles. So when you want to do a Combo, you should prioritize keeping your team first, because that’s the job of support. However, as a support, the damage that Lolita has is quite large for a support.

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