3 Cheap Gaming Headset Good For PUBG Mobile

Gaming headset is one of the gear that must be used when playing games. Especially when playing fps games. You can hear the sound of enemy footprints from afar very clearly and quietly. The better the quality of the headset, the more clearly the sound of stomping the enemy’s feet will be heard. Therefore, gamers must have a good quality gaming headset. Apart from that we have a Good Cheap Gaming Headset for PUBG Mobile.

For PUBG mobile players, it is very useful to play using a headset, the player can predict where the enemy is. Especially when the enemy approaches the player. Of course, you will be prepared to wait or attack the enemy that is heard on your headset.

Cheap Gaming Headset Good For PUBG Mobile

HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset


2020 Quality Gaming Headset for PUBG Mobile The first suggested by Esportsku is the HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset, which is clearly intended for gaming.

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7.1 surround-sound technology that makes this game feel more real like it’s in the game. HyperX Cloud Core is also equipped with a microphone to communicate with other gamers. The matte black color makes the headset look cool and very “gaming”.

Razer Hammerhead Pro

Good Cheap Gaming Headset for PUBG Mobile that my second Esports suggest is the Razer Hammerhead Pro. This headset has a very soft foam facility and a headband made of genuine leather, which makes the wearer comfortable to wear for hours on end.

Cheap Gaming Headset Good For PUBG Mobile, it makes annoying sounds from outside that won’t be heard when wearing it. The advantages of this headset are that it is light when used as well, despite its minimalist size, the quality of the audio and bass is very good for playing certain fps games. Obviously this headset is compatible on all devices.

In accordance with the quality, the price of this headset is quite expensive because the materials used are also the best materials.

Sades SA-901


Good Cheap Gaming Headset for PUBG Mobile that my third Esports suggest is Sades SA-901. This headset is equipped with 40mm HiFi drivers and 7.1 technology surround sound which produces a clear and detailed sound down to the slightest sound.

The shape of this headset is very precise and sturdy and the microphone looks like it is embedded in the headset because it is covered with a black plastic cover. This headset can be connected to a computer device using USB and is equipped with a microphone to communicate with other online game players. This is a quality headset at a bargain price.

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