3 Bundles of Samurai Free Fire Themes, FF Players Must Know!

Free Fire is also familiar with several bundles or sets that carry the same theme. There are 3 bundles of Free Fire samurai themes that you can get. Indeed, designs or models that take inspiration from East Asian designs such as samurai are often used in various games. The reason is because this subject that is often said to be different and cool is often used by games.

These 3 samurai free fire bundles are the best choice in Free Fire. Even though they have the same theme, they have their own uniqueness. Later we will explain why these 3 bundles are one of the best choices for you. Of course, it’s also quite difficult to get in Free Fire.

Using this optional bundle is a bit difficult because some of these bundles are hard to get anymore. Past events or very unlikely roulette spins make these 3 bundles quite rare. But rest assured that there is always the possibility that this bundle will come back for you to use.

Free Fire Samurai Theme Bundle

With the choice of 3 Free Fire samurai theme bundles, you can use them with confidence. Very cool and of course it can be the best choice for those of you who want to play cooler and fiercer.


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This Samurai Free Fire Theme Bundle is indeed one of the best bundles you can have. It’s quite easy to get it because it will come this July in Indonesia. If you want to get this bundle you can see the REDEEM CODE of this bundle. You have to be fast because it will expire in this fast time and you can also run out of time.

This one bundle carries a very cliché design, but still cool. The deep red color and black hue certainly make this one bundle very fierce. The Samurai FF Theme Bundle with lots of Oni or Japanese demons from the masks, certainly makes this bundle set one of the best.


This free fire bundle still has a samurai theme that is almost similar but not quite similar. This blood moon bundle is actually more similar to a ninja theme, but similar to a zombie samurai some of these sets use a very similar Oni mask. Compared to before, the armor on this one was more open and didn’t look heavy.

In terms of design, I think the female set is better than the male one. Looking more unique and not cliché is a plus point in terms of assessment. It is very difficult to get this bundle again because it can only be obtained from the past Incubators.


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Now for the third Samurai FF theme Bundle, it’s a little different. Even though it is still a theme with Japanese culture, this one is not a ninja or a samurai. Kendoka as the name implies will provide a bundle that has the theme of a Kendoka or Kendo art activist. Using the training armor commonly used by Kendoka will certainly make you even cooler.

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Those are the 3 Free Fire samurai theme bundles that you can get in different ways. These bundles are really cool and have a unique design. Of course, it is included in the Free Fire best bundle category. Also follow our social media on Instagram.

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