3 Best Scrim Miramar Vehicles and PUBGM Tournaments!

Playing PUBG Mobile is not just for fun, but lots of players choose to play this game in a competitive scheme. The goal is to pursue a hobby and of course find income.

One of the maps that is always a subscription to Scrim and tournaments is Miramar. This map is large, even the percentage of land exceeds 80 percent, so it’s only natural that this map is always the favorite of many players to do push rank.

Miramar has many vehicles in it. What vehicles in Miramar are suitable for use during scrim or tournaments? Check out the explanation below!

3 Best Scrim Miramar Vehicles and PUBG Mobile Tournaments!


The buggy is a fast and agile vehicle, besides that it is not too difficult to control. If you are an observer who always has a duty to open roads with alacrity, then the most suitable vehicle is this.

Behind this driver’s seat there is also a barrier which can certainly reduce damage when you are shot from behind or from a sniper player aiming at your head.

The power generated by this is also strong enough to pass through the never-smooth Miramar plains. Running away using Buggy also doesn’t need to hesitate because his agility can be relied on.

Pick Up

Pick Up is an imitation or replacement for UAZ that you can find on Erangel and Livik. This vehicle has strong power and a thickness that can be relied on, but it’s just that the agility and top speed are not as fast as the Buggy.

Even so, carrying two to four people in this vehicle can be sure to be very and strong to climb the mainland in Miramar which is difficult to conquer by large vehicles.


Mirado, known as the coolest vehicle because of the Muscle Car type, is a four-seater vehicle with the most stunning top speed. The speed and agility of this vehicle makes you not need to hesitate when running away.

The drawback is, this vehicle has not very good body material thickness, and the low ground clearance of this vehicle makes it often stuck in the not very much Miramar plain.

In addition, Mirado’s low ground clearance also brings benefits. You can safely hide from enemy fire by proning behind this Mirado. Its low ground clearance makes the enemy unable to shoot you wide.

Based on our explanation above, hopefully this article can help you understand which vehicles should be used at Miramar while participating in Scrim or the PUBG Mobile Tournament. thank you!

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