3 Best ML Counter Items and Hero Counter Pick in Mobile Legends

Playing Mobile Legends, of course, you have to be adaptable and flexible. Not following the item build bluntly and making items as needed will be very important. Not only items, because heroes also have to be picked as needed too. This time there are 3 Best ML Counter Items and Hero Counter Pick in Mobile Legends that you should know.

Some of these items are often picked for reasons of the role of the mobile legends counter, not as the main item. It is very important that you buy if you are dealing with an opponent that you need to counter and defeat in the game efficiently.

Here we will provide three items that are often and very strong to use when building counter items in Mobile Legends along with strong heroes as counter picks.

Item Counter Mobile Legends


When you play ML and fight hero heal, you must buy heal items such as Durance or Deadly Blade. If you let the enemy hero heal not on the counter then you will experience enormous difficulty. Heroes like Uranus and Alucard who are left alone will become a threat.


Some anti burst items such as Twilight, Rose Gold, and others will be important items for you to buy if you don’t want to die instantly. The reason is if you are very vulnerable or if the enemy is focused on bursts, then you will need items like this.


Slow items like Corrosion and Thunder Belt will become your sticky items when playing. These items are very important if you plan to become a slow hero because they are useful for chasing enemies, especially those with high speed and difficult to catch.

After these items, we will now talk about the hero who is sometimes used as a counter pick.

Hero Match Item Counter 2020


Lolita is a hero who is often picked and very strong against strong marksman or other projecitals such as mage. The reason is because Lolita can protect the entire team behind her with Lolita’s strong shield.


Some heroes who can clean and finish the game very quickly like Zhask will benefit greatly as a counter pick. If the enemy uses hyper carry in the late game, at least you have to be able to finish the game quickly or apply high pressure.


If you plan to play until the late game, then you have to secure the early and mid games with high powerspike heroes. Heroes like Silvanna will be very helpful because he is very strong at times like that.


If you plan to play avoiding team fight then Kaja is the right hero. This hero can interfere with opponents and can kidnap continuously. Besides that, Kaja is a very strong hero because if you don’t focus on team fight at least Kaja can kidnap your opponent and make 5v4 for you.

Those are the three best item counters and their heroes that you can use in Mobile Legends. This is very important to learn because it will be very important for you to play Mobile Legends.

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