3 Best Medkit Looting Places for Call of Duty Mobile (CODM)

This time there is Call of Duty Mobile’s best medkit Looting Place which we will discuss to play well in CODM. After breaking through 100 million downloads in less than 1 month, this Call of Duty Mobile game or commonly called CODM has succeeded in creating a sensation in the industry in the world of this Mobile Game. In this Call of Duty Mobile game, players can enjoy various game modes which are certainly very interesting to play.

One of the game modes that appear on Call of Duty Mobile is the battle royale mode. In this mode, it is one of the most awaited modes for players, considering the players who will carry out a conspiracy or compare the Battle Royale CODM with other similar games.

Just like other battle royale games, every player will be required to survive to be the last player who can survive in the match. Therefore, players will look for and collect various items to survive various enemy attacks. If you don’t have a suitable weapon when playing in this mode, then slowly you will be sure to lose quickly.

For this opportunity, we will provide several locations that are very suitable for looting and this location is also frequently visited by many players. This is because the best looting place for Call of Duty Mobile is considered to have various types of weapons and other interesting items.

Even so, you also have to be able to survive in the location that we will recommend this time, because the number of enemies who will come will likely be more than each of you estimates. This place is not a quiet place so beware.

Call of Duty Mobile’s best looting spots

The following is a list of the best looting templates in the call of duty mobile that you must understand this time

  1. Nuclear Point

The location at this Nuclear Point is often mentioned that it has the most Looting supplies and is the best place for Looting. This location is an open field so you can be free to see some items that can be taken to survive later.

But the biggest risk is that you can also meet the enemy directly so that it makes fighting from close range or auh unavoidable.

  1. Shipment

This place can be considered to be one of the best looting spots in the Call of Duty Mobile game. In this place there will also be various kinds of very interesting things that you can bring to survive. At this place there is also a Helicopter which can be used to go quickly.

There are also various types of Rifles and Snipers that you can find in this place. However, you also have to be aware of this place because this location is quite busy.

  1. Launch

One of the last best spots on Call of Duty Mobile for looting this medkit is Launch. Located in the middle of the map, where it is a very strategic location. This location also contains many buildings so that it can be an excellent shelter and camping ground.

At this location, you can often find medkits as well as various interesting items such as scopes, extended magazines, and other interesting items.

Well, those are some of the places that we have recommended for Looting in this Call of Duty Mobile game. How? Would you be interested in landing in these three places? Or looking for another place?

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