3 Best Items to Build Bruiser Skill in Mobile Legends and the Strongest Hero!

In Mobile Legends, there are not so many hero skill bruisers, but all of them are very strong and deadly if used properly. These mobile legends heroes are very deadly thanks to their combo skill which has high damage. Generally, these heroes are fighter heroes because indeed the source of their damage comes from their skills.

In this build item, you will focus on burst damage and skills. Because the source of damage to these heroes is not from auto attacks, but from their skills. Especially the heroes who have excellent scaling in their skills, these three items must be purchased.

Bruisher Mobile Legends item

Here we will provide the 3 best item build skill items for their best heroes.


These heroes will often hit each other to continuously bring out their skills. Bloodlust will provide a very strong spell vamp that is suitable for increasing their sustain. With this item, they can deal very high damage consistently and are able to survive.


Endless is the next mandatory item. It is very suitable because Endless will deal extra damage for each of their attacks after using the skill. To these skill based heroes, the extra damage from Endless will be very strong to use.


These heroes don’t need any other items besides Despair. With Despair, their damage will be increased very high. Even this item is often their second or third item because of the deadly extra damage.

Those are the three mandatory items that need to be purchased when focusing on using hero skills. Then we will provide some of these best heroes.

Hero Bruisher ML


Terizla is a very strong fighter hero thanks to his very high damage. Terizla’s damage comes from his triple combo which, if it hits a hero, will be very deadly. With these three items, Terizla can provide the best damage for him.


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X-Borg is a hero who really focuses on his damage skills. Can provide a very strong DoT that can even be pure damage, X-Borg will need these three items. With a vamp spell and high damage, X-Borg will be a very deadly DoT fighter.


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The Martis combo is very deadly because the damage from his skills can provide very high damage. With these three items, Martis can survive for a long time thanks to the vamp spell by providing very high consistent damage.


Thamuz is a hero who is arguably the best hero as a spam hero skill. The reason is because the damage and scaling of the Thamuz skill is very high plus the DoT of the passive skill effect. In addition, Thamuz’s selfbuff ulti which stack with bloodlust will keep him from dying if he can consistently issue combos.

Those are the three mandatory items for hero skills and the best heroes who use them in Mobile Legends. These heroes are obliged to use them because these three items will benefit in terms of their respective skills and effects.

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