3 Best FF Basic Tips For Free Fire 2020 Beginners

Until now, the Free Fire game continues to increase in total players who play it. Automatically makes the game better and busier. So that the developer, will never stop providing updates to the game. Later on, you will never be bored playing Free Fire for a long time.

Garena is the direct developer of this game, so of course all updates and events are always maintained. Even the Free Fire Character feature, there are already many unique characters. So that you can also try it, when you compete later.

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Besides that, you can also provide the Best Weapon Combinations for the characters used. In this way, later you can fight much stronger and more deadly. In fact there are already tablets, powerful weapons nowadays.

Even this month’s event was quite good and very lively. For example, the Booyah Ramadhan Event, you can get lots of unique prizes.

For now too, the total number of players who have played the Free Fire game continues to increase. Automatically there are also many tips and tricks that beginners should see when playing later. In this way, we can also help them play.

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On this occasion we will provide quick Pro tips for beginners.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Quick Pro Tips For Free Fire Beginners

  1. HUD settings according to convenience

If you set up the HUD yourself, you will automatically be able to maximize your own playing abilities later on. Even this HUD, too, can help you to defeat the enemy later.

If you can first train the HUD in Training Ground Mode, adjust it to the maximum. If you are comfortable, then you can try a more challenging one.

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  1. Choose Characters That Match Your Abilities

Each character in this game has different abilities. Of course this way, later you can determine which character really suits your way of playing.

If you like Rush, choose the Jota character. If you like to play normally and can in all situations, choose the DJ Alok character. Even you guys also know, Preview the very famous DJ Alok Character.

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  1. Determine Mainstay Weapon

When you are in the Training Ground checking the HUD, don’t come out right away. Try out several weapons, where this weapon is already available and you can use it in that mode.

Besides that, you can also pair it with various cool attachments, so that the weapons used are maximized. If so, then you can be ready to play in ranked mode.

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Every player must have their own playing skills, we are only giving a few starters. By following things like this, you can later try and be personalized with your own gameplay.

If so, you can automatically master and die in the match even though you are still a beginner. Apart from that, there are some of the Best Free Fire Vehicles that can be used.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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