3 Assassin ML Heroes Get Revamped in Season 16 of Mobile Legends

If you are an Advanced Server Mobile Legends player, surely you already know that in Mobile Legends there will be a hero who will be revamped. So, the three heroes, Lancelot, Hanzo and Natalia, will be released to the main server on March 17, 2020.

The type of Revamp on the three heroes only modifies the skills without changing the appearance of the hero. For those of you who use these three heroes, you are required to continue to learn the latest skills from each of the revamped heroes.

After the Revamp, of course, these three heroes will have their own unique abilities that will dominate Assassin users in the upcoming Season 16. Because Moonton often presents heroes who are rarely used to be revamped, so that they are played back in battle.

3 Revamped ML Assassin Heroes

Here are the three Assassin heroes that Moonton will revamp and will be present on March 17, 2020.

Lancelot Revamp


The latest from Lancelot lies in his passive skill which can reduce enemy defense with an armorless effect. and increases Lancelot’s damage by 20%.

Now for the new effect, Lancelot will activate when Lancelot manages to attack the enemy with Basic Attack and is active for 6 seconds with a cooldown of 10 seconds.

The passive skill itself can deal 10% damage on every dash it does. The effect itself can be stacked up to 3x and active for 4 seconds.

Not only that, Dash from Lancelot’s passive skill can also trigger the effect of the Cyclone Eye skill and will increase the stack.

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Hanzo Revamp

All skills in Hanzo will change. In skill 1, Hanzo will get 2 bonus stacks if Hanzo’s Attck Speed ​​has a certain amount.

When you attack 5 times to activate one of them, the skill effect will eat the jungle and creep internally.

In skill 2 itself it will dive into nerf but the effect itself is still the same. Hanzo will inflict damage overtime for 0.5 seconds. The effect will last after receiving 4 hits in 4 seconds (previously 4.5 seconds)

Another change in Hanzo, namely the effect of Demon Blood Regeneration on Hanzo as a skill damage will be removed.

Whereas the ultimate skill itself has a good effect. When Hanzo changes to Ultimate mode, Hanzo’s real body can teleport to Ultimate Mode with the add button. Whereas previously he could only teleport when the mode ran out.

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Natalia Revamp

The Revamp changes in Natalia are not so significant, the changes themselves lie in Natalia’s passive skill, namely Assassin Instinct.

In a future update, Natalaia could be a target if it doesn’t return to ambush for a few seconds. When this skill is active, the warning sign will return to red if Natalia is in disappearing mode for too long.

The second change is in her Ultimate skill which can make Natalia disappear immediately without the need to ambush. This effect will be activated twice with a pause of 5 seconds after the first time it disappears.

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So, those are the three Assassin Heroes who will be revamped in Mobile Legends. Was the hero above your favorite? Have a nice play.

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