2017 Overwatch World Cup Playoff Draw Results

The group stage for the Overwatch World Cup tournament has just ended, and the main event will be held in one month from now.

A total of eight countries have qualified for the playoffs of the Overwatch World Cup in November. Britain, Sweden, Canada, Australia, China, France, South Korea and the United States will meet in Anaheim, California at the BlizzCon 2017 event to determine who is the greatest country this year.

Some teams feel more fortunate than others. Group A has England against Sweden and Canada against Australia. In Group B, China will face France, while South Korea will face the United States.

Seeing the dominance of the South Korean Overwatch team during the Katowice group stage, it looks like this is less profitable for the United States. The two winning teams from each bracket will meet in the semifinals, after which the losing team will fight for third place, and the Grand Final will be the closing of the competition.

With several patches scheduled for release before the playoffs of the Overwatch World Cup begin, there is no certainty about changes to tournament regulations. Main Overwatch World Cup event itself will start on November 3 at BlizzCon.

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