20 Free Fire Questions Frequently Asked FF Beginners, What Are You?

Playing games is indeed one of the things that is quite exciting for you to do right now, even by playing games you can get rid of Kebetean later. For now, the games that are presented to Android have reached a lot of totals. If you want to try something fun, it’s better to play the game Free Fire right now. Well, this time there is a Free Fire question that is often asked by FF Beginners when it’s your first time playing in free fire.

In this game, we will all get a lot of the latest and interesting things, so that those whose names are Bored will immediately disappear later. Yesterday we also had the latest June Update which was cool, so all players will certainly not be bored anymore because of this new update.

Yesterday, the Free Fire game also had a new update, where in this update there are many things that are quite unique. Not only in-game development, it turns out Garena has provided the Latest Anti Hack / Anti Cheat for this Free Fire game.

This new system is running quite well, because yesterday Garena also banned 500 thousand players cheaters. This shows that players who use Cheats have started to decrease and will certainly decrease in the future.

Even now, Garena has released the latest FAQ which is for all Free Fire players. This question is raised, so that all beginner players know what are the risks of using a cheat. Intrigued by the content of the questions that are often asked by beginners? just take a look at the article below.

20 Free Fire Questions Frequently Asked FF Beginners

Q1: How do we define Cheater?

Using unauthorized third party programs not released by Garena, Modifying the game client and / or playing on the modified game client to use functions that are not in the official game.

Q2: I have found a new cheat / script in a game. How do I report?

Please use the in-game Report function. This is the official channel, and all reports will be reviewed.

Q3: Can Free Fire detect cheats?

Yes, Garena can. Garena detects and bans cheats every day. We are also constantly improving Garena’s anti-hack capabilities to detect the latest hacks.

Q4: How do Free Fire punish cheaters?

Free Fire has a zero tolerance policy towards cheaters. Garena will permanently ban their accounts from being used for cheating. The device used for cheats will also be prohibited from playing Free Fire again using another account.

Q5: The account is banned by the Free Fire cheat. Why not ban IP? How does FF handle cheats using other accounts?

IP ban is not an effective measure because fraudsters can use public WiFi and in such cases, IP ban will affect other innocent players.

Garena is aware of the exploits of other accounts, and is working continuously to address this loophole. Currently, Garena is banned from the account immediately after the violation. This makes cheating using other accounts relatively meaningless.

Q6: Apart from banning cheat accounts, does Free Fire have any precautions against hacks?

Banning isn’t all Garena does, Garena has a dedicated technical anti-hack team that focuses on hack / cheat prevention.

Q7: I’ve never used hacks or scripts. Why is my account blocked?

All blocked accounts have shown strong evidence of cheating. Please check whether you have given someone else access to your account to play.

Make sure you only play on the Free Fire client that is downloaded from the official app store (see Q20). Using Apks from unauthorized sources may result in account ban. Check out Q18 to check if your third party software is breaking the rules.

Q8: My account was blocked due to cheating, can I request a refund of the diamonds I spent?


Q9: I lent my account to a friend. She cheated and got him banned. Can my account not be blocked?

Not. Please don’t share your account information with anyone.

Q10: Is it true that accounts with top-ups will not be blocked?

Not. Garena treats all accounts fairly. All accounts found to be fraudulent will be blocked.

Q11: Why aren’t influencer and streamer accounts blocked, but not mine?

Garena treats all accounts fairly, without special treatment for influencers / streamers. All accounts found with evidence of fraud will be permanently blocked.

Q12: I bought this account from someone without knowing it was used to cheat beforehand. Now that the account has been blocked, can it not be blocked?

Not. Please don’t get involved in trading your free fire account.

Q13: I followed the rules but my account was reported incorrectly and maliciously. Will I be banned?

All reports will be carefully investigated. Garena only bans accounts when Garena has evidence of fraud.

Q14: What happens if my teammates (random matchmaking) cheat on my side?

Garena’s system can tell the difference between on purpose vs accidental matchmaking and cheating teammates. Garena only prohibits accounts with evidence of intentional cheating

Q15: Why isn’t Free Fire taking legal action against hacking sellers, streamers and promoters?

Garena has a procedure of removing hacked hacking material from Youtube and Facebook. This will continue to be improved. Garena is also looking for ways to tackle malicious activity in other media.

Q16: Someone stole my Facebook account, and when I got my account back, my FF account was blocked. Can you unblock an account?

No, Garena cannot confirm whether the cheating was caused by the stolen account or was intentionally committed by the player. Please keep your account login information safe. To ensure comfort for all players,Garena will not cancel banned accounts that are found with evidence of fraud.

Q17: Can I be fined a number of Diamonds for canceling my suspended account?

Not. Accounts that are banned for cheating will not be banned under any circumstances.

Q18: Garena says third party software / applications are not allowed. What is the definition of third party software / apks / etc for Garena Free Fire?

The Software attempts to decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble or hack the Service (or any part thereof), or to defeat or overcome any encryption technology or security measures implemented by Garena in connection with the Service and / or data transmitted, processed or stored by Garena.

Q19: Can I exploit a bug that is already in the game?

It’s not cheating to find a bug that works for you. However, Garena will ban the accounts of free fire players who arbitrarily and repeatedly exploit bugs.

Q20: Can I download Free Fire from unofficial sources?

Please download Free Fire from the official app store (iOS App Store, Google Play Store, Huawei AppGallery, Xiaomi App Store)

By knowing all this information, surely this will be one of the things that you must understand. This does not only apply to Cheaters, because all players in the Free Fire game must be able to know this.

So that your account, too, will not experience problems like this later. Using Cheats is something that is quite prohibited, so try to always play honestly. So that later, you will not be banned by Garena.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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