2 Reasons for DJ Alok FF Kapella, the Best Combination for Free Fire

Know the reason why DJ Alok Kapella is the Best Combination for Free Fire, where this can indeed help you to compete later. Don’t forget that every free fire character that is present, of course, has the best combination so we can feel it later. Where this will make you even stronger when competing against enemies, especially during rank.

Especially in the future, you can feel a lot of the best things and other cool combinations. Of course that way too you guys, don’t forget some of the Best Combinations Season 17 Free Fire. Things like this will help you, in push rank quite easily and you won’t lose quickly either.

But for now, you should know that DJ Alok and Kapella are always the best, cool combinations to try. Are you curious about this? let’s just look at the explanation in the article below.

The following are reasons that are suitable for the duo of the best support characters, namely DJ Alok and Kapella FF:

1. Suitable Abilities

DJ Alok and Kapella are characters, where their abilities are quite suitable to be combined as well. Of course with this, of course, you won’t be able to miss it. Because right now the abilities of the two characters are one of the best for now if you try it later.

Kapella is a character whose strength will give great Heal, when using Item Heal or Skill Heal. As well as this DJ Alok has the ability, where he can Heal in a circle and movement speed is fast. The abilities of DJ Alok and Kapella are a perfect match too.

So that makes DJ Alok and Kapella, one of the best combinations in this Free Fire game. DJ Alok Heal and Kapella give Heal a bigger effect, that way you certainly won’t be easy to lose using this combination later.

2. Both are Best Support

Apart from that, it turns out that DJ Alok and Kapella are one of the best supports in the Free Fire game. Only what was explained in the Abilities section earlier, they only differed in their abilities to be called support in this Free Fire game. Heal and the increased effect of Heal, of course this combination is the best.

Those of you who use this combination of characters will always be able to give big Heal to team members. Without a doubt you won’t give a small Heal, just go to the big one and immediately become the best heal in the match. The combination of Great Heal abilities and Great Heal Effects makes DJ Alok and Kapella good.

Especially in the future too, you definitely won’t get bored easily anymore using this in the future. If this really wants to be one of the supports, it’s better to use it properly. We must also know that for example Support, is the most important role so that the team becomes stronger when competing later as well.

The reasons for each character in the Free Fire game, would be a very good thing for us to know. Of course that way you won’t be bored later, to be able to feel all of these things. Don’t forget to read Best Weapon Season 17, so that later you can make it easier for you to push rank in the future.

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