13 Free Fire Beginner Characters, Who Are They in FF?

There are Free Fire 2020 Best Beginner FF Characters that you can try when you are a beginner. As we know, Free Fire is one of the most famous Battle Royale games until now, it has even become the best game in 2019 yesterday. Free Fire has also received many awards, because this game has a very large total and number of players. Updates and events that are presented by Garena, always satisfy the players.

Apart from that, there are various interesting features that are present in this Free Fire game. One of them is Character, where before competing you have to choose one of the characters first later.

Every character who is present in this Free Fire game, has a strong enough ability and helps you to win. Now there are even some characters, which are suitable for use by Garena free fire beginners or newbies.

On this occasion we will provide some of the best character information for beginners. Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Beginner Free Fire Characters

The following are some Free Fire characters suitable for beginners, which I will explain in the following esports. Use this free fire character!


This free fire character that comes from the Police, turns out to be one of the best-selling and easy to use in this game. Even Andrew is also suitable for those of you who are beginners, because this is because of his abilities.

Andrew is able to strengthen Armor, so that your HP and Armor will not decrease much even if you are attacked repeatedly.

DJ Alok

This first character has always been a Free Fire Character Suitable for Beginners, both pro and beginners can use DJ Alok easily. For those of you who are just playing the Free Fire game, don’t forget to try these characters. Especially if for example you want to buy a character for the first time, try to buy DJ Alok which is quite cheap nowadays.

DJ Alok has a pretty cool ability, where we definitely won’t lack cellphones when competing. So his ability will give you quite a Heal, and you will get speed in running later if you use this ability. Always try to save on the use of DJ Alok’s abilities, so that you don’t get confused later.


New players or beginners in the Free Fire game, will definitely play less well and need development. Of course when you are beginners playing later, of course, to direct Aim you still have to be fully assisted by Auto Aim. So you will only rely on Damage to the enemy’s body, rather than aiming at the Headshot.

For now you can use Wolfrahh, because of course you are beginners to be more helped by using the Free Fire Character Suitable for Beginners. The ability of this Wolfrahh character will deal great damage to enemies that you attack on your body only. Besides that, the headshot damage from the enemy will reduce the damage when you receive it later.

Of course this Wolfrahh character is also quite good and certainly very interesting for us to use. So later on, all of you, don’t forget to try this character. Especially for beginners who have just played the game Free Fire once, just choose whether to DJ Alok or Wolfrahh first, which will be purchased using Diamond later.


Next, if a player is still a beginner, they will definitely not pay too much attention to the Defend of their cellphone. Of course that way you beginners can take advantage of the Steffie character’s abilities. This is because this Steffie will help you to give a large enough Defend when you compete later.

So the enemy damage that is given to reduce your HP will be greatly reduced. Of course, this way all of you will take longer to survive, without the need to be afraid to overcome the enemy. Currently the Steffie character, which is used for beginners, is still good and of course very useful for pro players in the future.

You can buy Steffie characters at low prices in the shop, so don’t forget to buy this character. If for example you want to be even stronger, use Steffie’s ability in Squad Mode. Because your teammates who are in this ability area, will receive the same effect as you later.


Beginners really have to be taught more deeply, when they shoot the enemy. For example, if you are a beginner who likes to shoot using Scope, don’t forget to use the abilities of this Laura character. Because Laura will give very high accuracy, when you shoot the enemy using a scope later.

So if for example the accuracy when shooting becomes very large, of course we will find it easier to kill the enemy. Surely you will find it easier when competing, because attacking is able to provide greater damage. Try to always be able to use the scope, for example, if you use the Free Fire Character Suitable for Beginners in a match.


This is the best support character in the Free Fire game, Kapella’s ability will increase the Heal received by himself or the team. Of course, this character’s abilities too, you definitely won’t waste it. Because for Kapella himself, we must have a very large Heal.

But if possible, we recommend that Free Fire Characters are Suitable for Beginners, you only play in Squad Mode. Because of the abilities of this character, of course it can be shared with team members who need to heal a lot. This Kapella will increase your Heal when you use Heal Items and when using, the character’s abilities can Heal as well.


Next, if for example you are a beginner, you really want to be a Silent Killer, you can use Rafael right now. The ability of this Free Fire Character Suitable for Beginners is indeed good, and quite deadly. It’s not deadly from things like Damage, but you will be hard for the enemy to find out by using the abilities of Rafael’s character later.

So by using any weapon except the launcher, the sound from the gunshot will disappear. Of course Rafael’s ability too, must be deadly enough for us to use. Try to use this character well, so that later Kalina can not be known by the enemy easily enough by beginners at all.


Free Fire Characters Suitable for Beginners The next is A124, the abilities of this character are quite unique and very cool. Where you all can later convert a large amount of Energy Points, into HP in the same amount as the conversion. Of course, for those of you who are still beginners, it will be easier to compete later.

But if, for example, you want to make the performance of Free Fire Characters Suitable for Beginners even better, try to always look for mushrooms. Because mushrooms will definitely increase Energy Points, which is the main strength of this character. If for example you don’t look for mushrooms or increase your Energy Points, of course this character is not good at all.


The next character that is suitable for beginners is Kelly, the ability of this character is quite good and quite unique. Because even if you use heavy weapons, it can be even lighter if you are using Kelly’s character in a match. Yup, the ability of this character is speed in running.

So, if you want a heavy weapon like any, this will be lightened by Kelly. Besides that, there is also an Awakening version, where if this version we will be stronger and more deadly. Because of the damage you give to the enemy, it will be bigger when you have run for a long time.


Even for beginners or pro players, Antonio’s free fire character is still suitable and a mainstay to use. The abilities of this character are quite good, so we will receive more HP when the match starts. If you have a lot of HP, of course fighting the enemy at the beginning of the match won’t be a big problem.

Because those of you who have this much cellphone, will definitely get even stronger. Oiya, if for example your cellphone has run out, the additional ones can be refilled later using the Heal method. So, don’t forget to all of you, use this Antonio character when competing. Take it easy if Antonio is good enough for beginners or even pro players.


The last character that is suitable for use by free fire beginners is Paloma, usually new players will do something quite unique. Where they will prefer looting, rather than going straight to war later. The loots they take are mostly random, which is what will make the bag full later.

Even so, if for example you use the Free Fire Character Suitable for Paloma Beginners, of course the bag you have will be more extensive. But remember you have to use Assault Rifle type weapons, because Paloma’s ability to eliminate large numbers of AAssault Rifle-type weapons. If you boot this bullet a lot, of course it won’t be a problem later.


For those of you beginners who like to play with a thirst for kills, Miguel is one of the best choices, of course. If you use this character and kill the enemy, you will automatically get a large amount of Energy Points.

Of course the EP will function to give Heal, if your cellphone is low.


The last character is Ford, where this character is suitable for use by beginners. Ford has a unique ability, where damage outside the safe zone will not hurt too much if it is received by him.

Of course this is suitable for beginners, because most of them will forget the time to boot and move from the unsafe zone.

You are new players in this Free Fire game, try to always be able to try Free Fire Characters Suitable for Beginners. Because by using this character, of course we will also become stronger in the match later. Especially when competing, you will definitely become winners easily.

That’s all about Free Fire Characters Suitable for Beginners that we can convey this time, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah ..

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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