13 Common Mistakes of FF Beginner Players When Fighting Free Fire, Avoid These!

Until now, the Free Fire game has had quite a lot of total players. Of course, that proves that Free Fire is indeed one of the most famous games today. The development given to the Free Fire game, Until now, Free Fire has had many new players that you can try.

This game has been directly monitored and handled by Garena, so of course all updates and developments given are all pretty well maintained. In this way, later you will never be bored when playing the game.

Free Fire also has a lot of new players, so that other players get new challengers. There are even some of the best Free Fire Characters, which these new players can use.

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Not only that, if you are a new player, you will definitely want to get Booyah when you start playing. Now there are also some Booyah tips and tips for beginners, so that you can Booyah easily.

Apart from that, there are some of the Best Assault Rifles that you can use. With these weapons, later you will be able to defeat the enemy easily in the match.

For now, new players must not know the full extent of the things in the game. Not even a few of them made mistakes.

On this occasion we will provide some error information for new players.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Free Fire’s New Player Error

  1. Choosing the Wrong Character

Combination of Free Fire Character Skills for Booyah FF

Character is one of the features in this game, so of course you have to choose one of the characters to compete later. New players, of course, have to be able to choose a character that is quite suitable, so don’t choose the wrong character.

  1. Forgot to Enter Loadout

When before competing, of course, you are required to use the item called Loadout. In that case, you yourself will get a variety of interesting things that are quite profitable. There are even several ways to use Treasure Map Loadout Items in the match.

  1. Wrong Weapon

How to Become a Pro Player of the AWM Free Fire weapons

When you enter the match, you have to quickly pick up weapons. So of course in this case, you shouldn’t make the mistake of choosing a weapon. Try it first in Ground Training Mode, so you can choose your own weapon. There are even types and types of Free Fire weapons that you should know.

  1. Unopened Character Skill Slots

Latest Free Fire Redeem Code at the End of 2019

Each character will be equipped with 3 additional Skill Slots, where later you can add skills from other characters. Of course this way, if you don’t open the slot then the characters used will not have additional skills and there is only 1.

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  1. Character Skills That Are Not Upgraded

Shutting down short range FF enemies in Free Fire

When you have enough material, of course you are required to increase these skills. If not, later you will be overwhelmed when competing. Where the enemy already has high Skill, but you are still at Skill 1 for that character.

  1. Forget the Medic Kit

The Scar FF Weapon, the Most Fan Weapon in Free Fire!

When you compete, of course, the medic kit item really needs to be taken. Because this item will restore your HP, when finished fighting with the enemy. Without this item, you will find it difficult to defeat the enemy later.

  1. Always Hesitating When You Find Fungus

How to Get the Best Free Fire Weapons

The Mushroom feature is indeed quite unique in this Free Fire game, even this mushroom has the ability to increase Energy Points. Where the EP is, it will replenish the lost HP. If you don’t eat mushrooms, then there is no such thing as an additional Heal from the EP.

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  1. Not Using a Vehicle

Slaughter the enemies of Free Fire with Monster Truck FF

Vehicles do have a pretty good function, even the system of this vehicle will help you to move places quickly. In addition, vehicles can protect you and kill enemies quickly. If you ignore the vehicle especially for beginners, of course this is dangerous.

  1. Rush But Not Too Good

How to Use Jota FF to be the Best Free Fire Killer!

Rush is indeed a playing tip that is often used, but if you are still a beginner, don’t do it first. Rush must be launched with a good attack, otherwise you will die yourself. So for beginners, don’t do this.

  1. Gloo Wall and Grenades Forgotten

Gloo Wall and Grenade items are quite important, even for beginners. Gloo Wall can protect you from car attacks and collisions, and Grenades can help you attack when the enemy is hiding behind something.

  1. Get off in a crowded place

Beginners shouldn’t do this, you have to be able to play smoothly first so you can get off safely even in crowded places. Try to find a quiet, rich place in the middle of the map or at the end of a plane path. Usually that place, quite quiet.

  1. Taking Too Much Loot

Free Fire Loadout Items

It is certain that if you are just playing Free Fire, any item will be taken even if it is not needed. Of course this is quite detrimental, even now it’s still often done by new players. So later on, you won’t be able to pick up other important items. Try to empty the bag, if there are items that are not really important.

  1. Pay no attention to the road

New Kalahari FF Map

When you are running near a building, try to be able to look down. Because in a case like this, there could be a Landmine that did great damage. Even the damage from these items, can immediately kill you.

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Learning from mistakes is very important for you to do. Don’t let you make mistakes that are often done by newbies. By playing better, you can increase your skills.

Those are some of the mistakes of Beginner players, which until now are still often done. Besides that, you novice players can try Thompson’s Latest SMG Weapon so you can win easily.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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