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Mobile Legends has many heroes that you can use in gameplay. Each hero has their respective roles, starting from the role of fighter, mage, assassin, support, and also Tank. However, there are several heroes who occupy two roles at once, this hero is called a hybrid hero. This time we have the best line of Hero Hybrid Mobile Legends that you can use

Hybrid heroes usually have dual characteristics, which can be used as a type of damage or type of support. Mobile Legends is indeed a MOBA game that makes players not get bored quickly because there are so many heroes that can be used.

Best Hybrid ML Hero Mobile Legends

On this occasion we will provide an overview of the eight best hybrid heroes in Mobile Legends. For those of you who want to know the best hybrid hero in Mobile Legends, let’s just take a look at the full review below!


A hero marksman hybrid assassin, Lesley is a very agile hero in the Mobile Legends game. With his excellent camouflage ability, he is able to walk fast and inflict large damage all of a sudden. As an assassin, we are able to kill enemies from a distance, then as a marksman, Lesley has great damage even when the late game arrives.

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Kimmy is a hybrid hero who can fill a role mage or can be used as a marksman because he has a far range of attacks. Kimmy is one of the overpowered heroes in the current season and is often used in Meta Hyper Carry. As additional information, Kimmy will be given a nerf in the form of a 10% reduction in the basic attack range by Moonton.


Gusion is a mage assassin hybrid hero who has considerable damage and can kill his enemies with one combo. Gussion is a hero who just got the Legend skin from Moonton. This hero is still considered over power because the damage generated by Gussion is quite painful.

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Nana is a mage support hero that is often used in the current meta season. This hero can be used as a support mage because he has a very annoying skill that can change the form of his enemy to Molina. This hero also has a skill with considerable damage to his ultimate skill.


Guinevere is a hybrid mage fighter hero who can kill his enemies with just one combo. This hero is very suitable for use as an offliner because it has a passive HP regen which makes it difficult to die. Guinevere can also lock her enemies with a combo skill of two and her ultimate skill.

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Almost the same as Guinevere, Silavana is a hybrid mage fighter hero who is present in the Mobile Legends game. This one hero is a free hero given by Moonton. But even though it’s free, it has a deadly skill combo, ranging from good initiation abilities to skills that are able to lock enemies perfectly.


Next there is Karina hero who is the first assassin hybrid mage hero to appear in the Mobile Legends game. This one hero has an attack that will continue to be active when he successfully kills, so it is very suitable if he is said to be an assassin hero. Karina has excellent immune abilities thanks to her first skill. Then other skills are able to make it the best hybrid hero in Mobile Legends.

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The Minotaur is the best hybrid tank support hero that you can use in Mobile Legends. This one hero is very strong with the best area regen ability on all the teams around him. The Minotaur can be the best initiator you can use. Especially by using the battle spell flicker, you are able to provide the best surprise attack that can be combined with the ultimate.


Faramis is a mage support hero who has the skill to awaken his teammates when he dies using his ultimate skill. Faramis will open the altar and when his teammates die in the Faramis altar arena, they can come back to life as a ghost who can inflict damage according to the damage it has.

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Selana is a mage assassin hybrid hero who can provide painful burst damage to her opponent. This combo of two skills and one skill makes the enemy die in an instant. The damage generated from this hero is quite large. Therefore, Selena has become a tire subscription in the current meta season.


Kaja is a very annoying fighter support hero because his ultimate skill can bind the opponent he is aiming for. Kaja is usually used as support that helps your core teammates in rotating and ganking.


Esmeralda is a mage tank hybrid hero who has the skills to produce shields for herself. This hero is very troublesome because her shield makes it difficult to kill, besides that Esmeralda also has quite painful damage. This hero is very strong and really needs a blue buff to spam skills so that he has a lot of shields.

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Next there is Roger who is a marksman hybrid marksman hero who is present in the Mobile Legends game. As a hybrid hero, of course Roger has advantages in his gameplay, one of which is that he is able to fight in two modes at once, starting from his long-range ability as a marksman hero and his close range attack as a fighter hero, he has very painful skills.

So that’s an explanation of the best hybrid heroes in Mobile Legends that we have reviewed. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. That is all and thank you!

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