12 Zodiac Mobile Legends (ML) Skin Resale Schedule for 2021

There have been lots of skins that have been released by Moonton in this Mobile Legends game. But among the many skins that exist. The Zodiac ML skin is the best skin for you to try. Now speaking of the Zodiac Skin, here is the Resale / Resale Schedule for the Zodiac Mobile Legends skin.

Zodiac skins are different from other skins. Which is other than unique. This skin is only owned by 12 heroes like the Zodiac in general. You can only get these 12 Zodiac skins at certain times, you know. Including resale time for several Mobile Legends heroes.

Schedule Resale Skin Zodiac Mobile Legends (ML)

The schedule for the zodiac mobile legends skins when released in the game is different. The following is the zodiac skin schedule that will resale mobile legends, can be seen below:

  1. Sagittarius (Irithel)
  2. Aquarius (Aurora)
  3. Capricon (Martis)
  4. Pisces (Lancelot)
  5. Aries (Hilda)
  6. Taurus (Minotaur)
  7. Gemini (Selena)
  8. Cancer (Zhask)
  9. Leo (Badang)
  10. Virgo (Odette)
  11. Libra (Lunox)
  12. Scorpio (Helcurt)

This has been summarized by esportsku so that you can read it more easily. With this skin, you can make the hero even cooler.

On this occasion we will discuss the latest Zodiac Skin Resale Schedule in the Mobile Legends game. By knowing this, of course you can buy a variety of cool skins from all the other Zodiac skins.

For those of you who want to buy Zodiac skins with certain heroes. Of course, you have to be patient and wait for the Zoadiac skin to be sold again. So here is the complete schedule of 12 Zodiac Skins, complete with dates to get your Favorite Zodiac Skin in Mobile Legends.

1. Sagittarius (Irithel)

To get Sagittarius skin, which is the skin of Hero Irithel, you can get it on dates from 19 November to 19 December.

2.Aquarius (Aurora)

The Aquarius Zodiac skin is obtained by Hero Aurora, now for those of you who want to get it, this skin will be resold every December 20 to January 20.

This mobile legends skin is very good, especially for those of you who are aquarius and fish lovers in the real world. Make sure you have this mobile legends skin.

3. Capricon (Martis)

To get the Zodiac Capricon skin, which is the skin of the Martis hero, you can get it on January 20 to February 20 every year.

4.Pisces (Lancelot)

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The Zodiac Pisces skin is occupied by the hero Lancelot. Now to get it, this skin will be resale every February 20 to March 20 every year.

You can have this for less than 500 thousand rupiah for each skin zodiac pieces mobile legends

5. Aries (Hilda)

Hilda’s Zodiac skin, which is the Zodiac for Aries, will be resale from March 20 to April 20 every year.

6.Taurus (Minotaur)

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Minotaur is a hero who gets the Zodiac Taurus skin, now you can get this one hero at Resale which is always held every April 20 to May 20.

7.Gemini (Selena)

You can get the Zodiac Gemini Skin which is Selena’s hero from May 20 to June 20.

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Besides Selena, on Gemini you can also get the zodiac mobile legends skin from this hero Karina.

8. Schedule Resale Skin Zodiac Mobile Legends: Cancer (Zhask)

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Zhask is a hero with the Zodiac Cancer. You can get it at the resale every June 20 to July 20.

9. Leo (Badang)

Schedule for Resale Skin Zodiac Mobile Legends

For the Zodiac Leo Badang skin, you can get this skin on every July 20 to August 20.

10.Virgo (Odette)

Schedule for Resale Skin Zodiac Mobile Legends

Now to get the Zodiac Virgo skin, you can get it on August 20 to September 20 every year.

11. Mobile Legends Zodiac Skin Resale Schedule: Libra (Lunox)

Schedule for Resale Skin Zodiac Mobile Legends

You can get the Lunox Zodiac skin starting from September 20 to October 20.

12.Scorpio (Helcrut)

Schedule for Resale Skin Zodiac Mobile Legends

Now the last one is Helcrut. You can get this Zodiac skin starting on the stairs; September 20 to November 20.

So that’s the presale schedule for Zodiac Mobile Legends heroes that you should know. All these heroes will always be sold again every year. Therefore, prepare as many dimas as possible to get lots of the latest skins, especially for the Zodiac Skin in the Mobile Legends game.

Not only that, you can also get other dancing information about the Mobile Legends game by following our official account on Esportsku (@ esports.ku). We provide the latest information and updates every day!

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