10 Ways to Pro Winstreak in Mobile Legends to Get Out of EPIC ML Eternal!

Mobile Legends is one of the best MOBA games which is very popular today. In this game a rank system applies to determine the rank of the players. The higher the rank achieved, the better the player’s ranking will be. Well, this time we will discuss how to pro Winstreak Mobile Legends so that the eternal EPIC ML comes out and gets the highest rank!

This is a player who has a high rank as if he is seen as a player who has great skills. You will also gain increased popularity when the rank you achieve is high and if you succeed in becoming the Top Global mobile legends, it will make you even more popular.

Playing Ranked mode is still very easy if you are still in the low tier. You will easily push rank from warrior tier to epic tier. But from Epic to Mytic tier requires a lot of patience, tenacity, and perseverance. If you play solo in the Epic tier and above, it is certain that it will be very difficult because you often get a bad team.

Understand these 10 ways to win streaks so that you can comfortably rank up in Mobile Legends. See below;

  1. use the hero that you are good at
  2. Master a variety of roles
  3. Play party
  4. Check out the hours of play
  5. The connection must be smooth
  6. Pay attention to the minimap
  7. Objective focus
  8. Don’t lust
  9. Don’t be a burden
  10. Stop and know your limits

These 10 things are indeed very common and you must understand them so that they will be very useful later. Of course Kailan can take advantage of this to your advantage later what Esportsku will make

How to Win Streak in Mobile Legends

Win Streak is a condition where you win continuously for several times. This indicates that you win successively without losing a single one. Even so, you also have to have a strong team to defend your game.

No matter how great you are, if you get a team whose players are only a burden, it will certainly make you annoyed and will Lose Streak. Lose Streak is a situation where you beat your defeats in Ranked Mode continuously.

But don’t worry, on this occasion we will provide a way to win the streak of Mobile Legends in playing Ranked Mode. Let’s just look at the method below!

Using the Hero You Know Well

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozmjKr8ee64The best of all things considered, this article was originally published in Indonesian language.

To get Win Streak in the Mobile Legends game, of course, you have to play a hero that you have mastered well. By using a well-mastered hero, it will certainly make your playing performance maximal. This is the main basis for those of you who want to get wins continuously in Ranked mode.

Master at least 3 hero roles

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Apart from using well-mastered heroes, you must also learn to master at least three hero roles, namely Marksman, Fighter, and Tank. When you can master the three hero roles, it will certainly be very easy to play Solo Fashion Mode. You need to know that sometimes there are teams whose players are selfish and just want to use the hero of their choice without thinking about anything else. This is certainly very frustrating and emotionally stimulating. Therefore it is very important to master at least three hero roles!

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Play Ranked Mode with Friends

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Playing Solo Player mobile legends is not wrong in Ranked mode. But sometimes in ranked mode, teammates can become enemies that can make you get a lose streak. When playing solo the possibility of getting a noob team is very large, plus the players who are selfish.

You can overcome things like that by playing ranked mode with friends. By playing together the chances of getting a Win Streak will have a greater chance. Moreover, the skills of every friend you play with are pretty good, of course, it will be easy to get the win.

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Play Mode Mode at Night

For those of you who don’t have friends who can be invited to play together in the Mobile Legends game, this method is perfect for you to do. Playing the Ranked Mode at Night is perfect for solo players because the possibility of getting a GG team is very large when playing at night. Why is that? The answer is because if you play during the day, the possibility of getting a noob team is very large because there are so many noob kids playing Mobile Legends.

Play when signal conditions are good

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Signal conditions can also be a determining factor for victory in the Mobile Legends game. When the signal conditions are not good, it is not recommended to play Ranked Mode because there will definitely be a very annoying lag. When there is a lag, your gameplay performance is not optimal and you tend to die a lot because of the lag problem. Make sure to play Ranked Mode when the signal conditions are good so it doesn’t interfere with your gameplay performance!

Always Pay Attention to the Mini Map

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By always paying attention to the Min Map when playing Ranked mode, you will easily adjust the rhythm of a gameplay. Monitoring the enemy’s position from the minimap is an important thing that you must pay attention to because it can be used to rank enemy cores. Make sure to aim for heroes who are easy to kill so that your team ranking will be more effective and successful!

Play Objectively

How to Pro Winstreak in Mobile Legends to Get Out of EPIC ML Eternal!

When in a gameplay, make sure you play as objectively as possible. By playing objectively, of course you will be able to control the gameplay conditions well. You can do objective play by destroying enemy towers, killing turtles, killing lords, clear wave minions, and taking buffs. This if done properly and correctly will make it easier for you to win a match.

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Don’t Lust Kill

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Lust for Kill will make your gameplay chaotic because it is too concerned with kill rather than the condition of the team. If you desire to kill and keep trying to kill the enemy but the conditions are not conducive then you will lose. It is not the kill that you get, but death will happen to your hero. Try to play with attention to the conditions in the game by looking at the minimap, don’t be too pushy to kill the enemy if it will only harm you.

Don’t Die Much

How to Pro Winstreak in Mobile Legends to Get Out of EPIC ML Eternal!

To increase the chances of winning in Ranked mode, when you are in gameplay try not to die too much. Playing it safe will be very helpful to achieve victory. If you die a lot, it will certainly harm yourself and also harm your team. In terms of the network, you will be left far behind and your team will also lose the level of the enemy team. It can lead to defeat, so don’t die too much!

Stop Playing Mode Mode When you Lose Streak 2x

When you have experienced successive defeats in Ranked mode, it is better if you stop first. It can cause your mood to turn bad and tends to increase your emotions. If you are forced to play Ranked mode in such conditions, you can be sure that you will experience even more Lose Streak.

So, those are some of the ways to Win Streak in Mobile Legends that we have explained. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. That is all and thank you!

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