10 Things We Can Learn From Children

What do you think of when you hear the word “immature”? Surely we will say funny, innocent, honest and so on, right?. In the Quran the word “Dhurriyah” (zuriah) which means immature or offspring has been mentioned in the Koran 32 times in 19 different suras.

Each of you is a shepherd and each of you will be in charge of your livestock.” (Bukhari and Muslims)

This means that Islam emphasizes the importance of children or families. In this post, viral propaganda wants to share different streams and views about children. What can adults learn from their youth?

Here are 10 things we can learn from children

1. Diligent and persistent

We all know that children are not easy to give up when they want something. They will do anything to focus and achieve the goals they want. But sometimes teenagers actually get in the way of this desire.

2. Visible attitude when making mistakes

Before getting to know the school environment, children have been taught that making mistakes is not a good thing. Children don’t think about their mistakes, they make the experience a learning experience.

As adults who are intelligent enough, we should learn from experience, if we make mistakes, take it as our opportunity to learn and grow to become better people.

3. Sincere heart

Children are always honest with their feelings, they also don’t hold grudges and easily forgive others. As adults we must learn to affiliate with others with the same level of sincerity.

If we do one good thing to a child then he will easily forget the mistakes we have done. It’s another case if we do something wrong to teenagers then they will forget our kindness towards them.

4. Easy to follow the situation

Children adapt easily to changes in their lives. Unlike adults who sometimes have difficulty dealing with changes in their lives.

5. Always smile and laugh

The interesting fact is that the average duration of a child laughs about 200 times a day while an adult only laughs 14 to 17 times a day. Most teenagers are even gloomy and don’t smile easily.

6. Curiosity gives way

Children naturally have high curiosity, they are always looking for new things with their own abilities. We as adults must continue to explore our curiosity about many things, because curiosity will find new things.

7. Trust

Trust is a difficult thing these days. It is difficult to trust others and tends to always be suspicious of even good things. It is different with children, they always choose to believe in other people. People who decide to believe tend to be more and more happy to be liked by others. For that we must behave in a reliable manner.

8. Be confident

Children are always confident they always feel they are the most elegant, handsome, fast, strong, smart etc. From this we learn that self-confidence is important so that we are able to pursue our goals.

9. Active

Children always carry out activities wherever they are. As adults, we must also be active and productive.

10. Knowledge we may not have

In the age of technology and advanced devices, children receive useful information every time. If we listen to them maybe we will realize that their knowledge is wider than ours.

Those are 10 things we can learn from children.

Respect children and listen to them, there comes a time when they are old enough they will do the same. Children are the next generation who will fight for good things as we want.

As adults, as parents, of course we want to see them grow into someone who is able to benefit many people.

May Allah protect our children and make them among the pious.

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