10 Strengths and Weaknesses of Yi Sun Shin Mobile Legends (ML)

Want to know the strengths and weaknesses of Yi Sun Shin in Mobile Legends? This hero is indeed quite OP and often enters meta, especially after he gets the latest revamp in Mobile Legends. For those of you who want to try playing it, maybe this review is mandatory for you to see.

Yi Sun Shin is a marksman hero with excellent abilities as a hyper carry. Has very high mobility, great damage, and an attack mechanism that is very skilled in open maps. We highly recommend Yi Sun Shin for you to use.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide information about the strengths and weaknesses of Yi Sun Shin in Mobile Legends. Make sure you listen to the following reviews before you play it on Mobile Legends.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Yi Sun Shin in Mobile Legends

Here are some reviews regarding the strengths and weaknesses of Yi Sun Shin in Mobile Legends.

The strengths of Yi Sun Shin in Mobile Legends

10 Strengths and Weaknesses of Yi Sun Shin Mobile Legends (ML)

High Mobility

The first advantage of Yi Sun Shin lies in high mobility. Yi Sun Shin has the dash ability of his second skill, this skill will increase his mobility so that it will be very easy to play.

Not only that, Yi Sun Shin has additional mobility thanks to his passive skill when he uses his turtle ship, when driving it, Yi Sun Shin will get additional movement speed which you can use for rotation.

Have a Good Immune

Second, the strength of Yi Sun Shin is that he has a very good immune ability, after getting the revamp yesterday, Yi Sun Shin has a dash skill on skill 2 and has an immune effect.

This immune ability can withstand the opponent’s attack when it hits you, this is so that you can more freely when you dash using Yi Sun Shin towards your opponent. Yi Sun Shin will get immunity and you can attack him at close range.

Have a Good Escape Skill

Next is the excellent escape mechanism skill, Yi Sun Shin has this ability thanks to skill 2 which provides dash skills, not only that his first charge skill attack can also be used while walking.

Both of these skills are options for Yi Sun Shin to always be alert in avoiding attacks. You can use both of them in the game so that he is quite agile in battle.

Hero with One Map Attack Area

You could say, Yi Sun Shin is a hero who has a very large damage area. This one hero has a very unique ultimate skill that is able to attack all of his opponents in the entire map.

Not only that, this skill is often used as an open map because it will mark all enemies in Mobile Legends, so that all teams will know where the enemy is moving and can avoid it. This skill is very important to be present in Mobile Legends.

Very Strong in the Late Game

As a marksman hero, of course Yi Sun Shin is very tough in the late game. This one hero can easily get savage and also destroy when a team fight occurs.

Yi Sun Shin’s attack speed is very fast with long to close range attacks. Especially in close range mode, Yi Sun Shin can provide greater damage than using his arrows.

Yi Sun Shin’s weakness in Mobile Legends

Long Cooldown Skill

Next regarding the weakness of the first Yi Sun Shin is the Cooldown Skill which is very long than other heroes. This allowed Yi Sun Shin to use his ultimates less and less.

Yes, at least you need about 60 seconds to make Yi Sun Shin ultimate usable again. This ability is indeed very good, therefore, Moonton limits Yi Sun Shin from using it too often.

Weak in the Early Game

Next, Yi Sun Shin was very weak when used in the early game. This is because the attack speed is not large enough, the damage is quite low in the early game, making it quite difficult when doing farming.

Usually, Yi Sun Shin users play safe during the early game and show their best abilities during the late game. Now playing Yi Sun Shin, you should not be so careless and look forward to the right moment to make an attack.

The Ultimate Damage That Is Relatively Small

The next weakness lies in the damage from Yi Sun Shin’s ultimate skill which is quite weak compared to other heroes. This is indeed its advantage that can attack everyone at once and has other advantages.

Therefore, so as not to imbalance, Moonton gave a small amount of damage to overcome the balance with other heroes in Mobile Legends.

Difficult to Play

The next weakness of Yi Sun Shin is that it is difficult to play, especially for those of you who are beginners. To use Yi Sun Shin, you must have excellent attack mechanism skills, be in position and have to quickly farm.

Not only that, because Yi Sun Shin has two types of attacks, namely close range and long range, you must have the right timing to carry out these attacks. If not, it will be difficult for you to play using Yi Sun Shin in Mobile Legends.

Lacks Crowd Control

The last weakness of Yi Sun Shin is that this marksman hero does not have crowd control. This makes it difficult for team fights, in contrast to other marksman heroes such as Moskov and Hanabi, who have deadly CC.

Now for Yi Sun Shin, he can only rely on the vehicle he has. You can collide with this one vehicle with your opponent’s hero and give it a stun. However, this is inflexible and to use it you have to recall it first.

So, those are some of the strengths and weaknesses of Yi Sun Shin in Mobile Legends. Hopefully you can take advantage of Yi Sun Shin’s abilities and play it as best you can after reading this review. Look forward to other interesting information and see you soon!

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