10 ML Heroes Must Autobanned Rank Mobile Legends 2020

Mobile Legends, which is now in season 16, has several changes in the previous patch. Even though it doesn’t have many significant differences from the previous meta, there are 10 ML Heroes that are required to be Autobanned Rank Mobile Legends 2020 in this 16th season.

In season 16, the mobile legends listed have a high impact that cannot be underestimated. These heroes often even go uncommon power pick. Power pick if you don’t know is a hero who has a high impact when played and can have a big influence on the strategy.

Heroes that were previously underestimated like tanks / support are now an important consideration because they have high impact. Here we will provide 10 heroes that must be banned in season 16 of Mobile Legends, which are a big threat to your pick.


Hero Mobile legends Are Often Banned

WanWan is a very strong mobile legends marksman hero role, even in the top three with Granger and Karrie. What makes WanWan strong is its DPS and very strong mobility.


How to Use the Best ML Hero Nana in Mobile Legends

Having a very powerful CC and powerful zoning tools, Nana is a source of distraction in the game. He is very strong in teamfight and gank where the enemy will be forced to do nothing.


Best Ling ML Item Build for 2020 Mobile Legends

Who doesn’t know this one hero. Ling is a hero who is almost 90% banned and has a very high burst and mobility. With the right hand Ling can win the game very easily.


If you fight Cecilion without a team that can answer all of his nukes then you will lose very easily. Cecilion has a tall and very deadly nuke in team fight.


Hero Pharsa Revamp Mobile Legends Buff New!

As a very strong nuker and zoner mage, of course Pharsa is very deadly in teamfight. He has very high damage and can kill enemies from a very safe distance.


This new hero tanker is often included in the ranks of bans, not without reason. Having a very high resistance, Atlas is also very annoying through his skill set because he has a very strong CC.


Hero Counter Baxia ML in Ranked Mobile Legends

Karrie is a very strong marksman, even in the top 3. He is able to provide very high damage without difficulty. Karrie is an anti-tank where tank heroes are being played a lot in this meta.


Having a very strong damage reduction and CC, of ​​course Khufra is a very annoying hero in the game. Khufra in the right hand can lock your opponent continuously, especially with his combo.


As support, Diggie should be banned more often because support is a pillar strategy at a high rank. Diggie is a very annoying hero and can easily break the enemy’s tempo.


Although not too strong when played alone, in high rank Silvanna is the best hero to play in a very compact party. Silvanna can create a lot of set-ups and pressure in the game.

Those are the 10 heroes that you must ban in Mobile Legends. These heroes are indeed very dangerous if released, especially if the enemy is able to use this hero very effectively. If you want to play it safe, it’s better to ban these heroes according to your draft pick

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