10 ML Fighter Heroes as Immediate Tanks in Mobile Legends, Very Thick!

Mobile Legends has many heroes with six types of mobile legends hero roles in it, not only tanks that have the best defense. You can also find other mobile legends heroes that are almost the same thickness as tanks. Well, some of the following fighters can be used as impromptu tanks in Mobile Legends.

Tanks are very important in Mobile Legends, this one hero serves to block all enemy and bartarung attacks on the front lines, there are indeed many of the best tank heroes that you can play in Mobile Legends, but not all heroes can be used as tanks.

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Hero Fighter with thick blood becomes an impromptu tank in Mobile Legends

So, in the following section, we present some ML Fighter Heroes that can be used as an impromptu tank in Mobile Legends according to the experience of playing. Anything? Here’s the full review.


All Mobile Legends players must be familiar with this one fighter hero, Chou is famous for his high damage when using assassin build items, but Chou is also very strong and reliable if used as an assassin. Especially with his immune skill, he is able to ward off various attacks easily.

Chou himself is not only good for use as a tank, this one hero is also very capable when used as an assassin. Chou’s ability to target opponents and execute them makes this one hero very deadly in Mobile Legends. Chou himself is commonly used as an assassin, fighter and tank.

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If in Season 5-7 last season, Freya was used as a replacement for Tank, this hero is very tough with his ability to hit enemies and inflict high damage. Just try using Freya with a Tank build, then the enemy will be overwhelmed to kill this one hero.

Freya has white blood or sield when activating the ultimate. This ability makes this one hero very thick and strong. And even the more Freya gets damage from the late, the stronger he is too. Therefore, if you use a build tank, Freya will be even stronger.


Kaja was previously a Tank hero, but Moonton turned this hero into a Fighter Support hero. However, because he doesn’t have high damage like other fighters, Kaja can be used as an impromptu tanker. Besides that, Kaja also has the skills that can make the best initiator as a hero fighter in general.

Kaja can easily kidnap his opponent easily. This one hero can be used as an initiator. Kaja can act as support, tank and fighter.

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Ruby is a fighter hero who often uses Tank items instead of Physical, the reason is, mobile legends players use this one hero to take his very high Crowd Control skills. Ruby can counter any hero nearby, so that she is resistant to attacks, therefore Ruby is more suitable to use Tank or Hybrid Tank items.


As a fighter hero who is very active in laning, Sun can also be used as a Tank hero. Even by using Tank items you can fight a group of enemy heroes easily, because Sun has a skill that can summon about 3 bunsin to help him.

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Now the last hero, Bane, this Hero is an original Fighter hero who doesn’t have any tank frills. But Bane is more active in using Tank items than Physik items, the reason is of course because this one hero doesn’t have the skills to escape.


Next there is the Balmond hero who is the strongest fighter hero in Mobile Legends. Balmond himself usually uses a semi tank build which makes it difficult to beat in Mobile Legends. Balmond’s ability to clear lane makes this one hero very good as an offlaner.

Not only is the damage from the ultimate great, if there is no Tank hero, Balmond himself is usually used as an impromptu tank hero in Mobile Legends. With his defensive abilities and high regen, this one hero will be very difficult to beat.


Next there is the Jawhead hero who is the best fighter hero in Mobile Legends. Jawhead is a versatile fighter. Just like Chou. He can be used as an assassin, fighter or an impromptu tank.

You can take advantage of the ejector skill that can target your opponent. In addition, his combo skill is very suitable to be used to catch up and throw his opponent easily. Now for those of you who like to negtroll, just use the Jawhead hero.


Next there is the hero Hilda who is a very strong hybrid fighter. Not only sick, Hilda is also one of the heroes who has fast movement. In addition, this one hero also has excellent regen abilities. You can use the bushes to activate the passive skills it has.

Hilda herself is often used as a tank hero, with high resistance and great damage, Hilda is a versatile hero that you can rely on in Mobile Legends.


The last hero is the hero Thamuz who is a Fighter hero in Mobile Legends. Thamuz’s ability as an offlaner is indeed very strong. This one hero is also often played by pro players both in MPL and MDL.

But apart from being sick and strong. If you use Tank items, Thamuz can also be relied on as an impromptu tank hero. Lifesteal abilities and also very strong defenses make this one hero difficult to beat.

The fighters above are very tough and quite thick. They can be semi tanks which are very sustained and can still deal high damage. These heroes are also high tier heroes that you can use without hesitation.

So, those are some ML Fighter Heroes That Can Be Used as Immediate Tanks in Mobile Legends, which is the best Fighter hero in your opinion? Hopefully the following reviews can be useful especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers.

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