10 Hero Counter Vale Mobile legends (ML)

The best Vale hero counters in Mobile Legends are the best for ML players. Mobile Legends is a MOBA game that has a Vale hero, Vale itself is a quite popular mage hero, this hero is hard to beat without using

Vale’s hero ability relies on Crowd Control and also the advantages of his attacks, all of Vale’s skills are devoted to attacks, with very strong and deadly combos, to defeat him you can use the following Vale Mobile Legends hero counters.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide recommendations for the best Vale hero counters that you can use in Mobile Legends. Now to deal with the ferocity of this one mage hero, please use the following heroes.

Here are some of the best counter vale heroes that you can use in season 19 of Mobile Legends (ML):

Hero Counter Vale Mobile legends (ML) Saber

5 Hero Counter Vale Mobile legends (ML)

First there is the Saber hero who is an assassin hero with a very high executor ability. This one hero has the ability to counter opponents very quickly and is also deadly.

No exception for Vale’s hero, Saber can also beat him in just one ultimate attack. The opponent will not move and immediately lose, Saber is one of the heroes who can count all hero mage or marksman in Mobile Legends.


Next there is Chou which you can use to count Vale. When Vale releases his wind skill, Chou can easily get into Vale’s weak point with his second skill which gives immunity.

Use the deadly combo of Chou’s hero and aim for Vale at the same time with Chou’s ultimate. If you use item damage, Vale will die instantly.


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Next is Benedetta, who is one of the best assassin heroes that you can use to count Vale very well and decisively. Benedetta’s ability to easily break into Vale’s defense and defeat him.

Benedetta has a fast attack, with a deadly combo attack that can easily beat Vale in a match in Mobile Legends.

Hero Counter Vale ML Helcurt

The next Hero Counter Vale ML is Helcurt, which is one of the assassin heroes that you can use to counter Vale heroes very easily. This is thanks to his ultimate ability that can blind the opponent’s eyesight.

With the ultimate combo, you can get close to Vale very easily, Vale can also be defeated very quickly using Helcurt’s second very deadly skill.


The last Hero Counter Vale Mobile legends (ML) is Lancelot, which is one of the best assassin heroes you can use to counter Vale heroes in Mobile Legends. This one hero allows you to attack the Vale hero very easily.

With Lancelot’s skill, he can easily enter Vale mobile legends (ML) counters very easily, he also has a fast and deadly combo accompanied by strong immunity in Mobile Legends.


Ling can be a counter for Vale thanks to his very fast mobility to ambush Vale. But the most important thing is the ult which can be used either to enter or escape from Vale combos.


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Hanzo can be a counter for Vale for those of you who are often hesitant to die. This is because with Hanzo ulti you can play it safe from Vale’s very deadly combo.


Johnson can be a counter Vale if you want to play more aggressively. Depending on the hero you transport, Johnson will usually be the best counter when quickly hitting Vale.

Yu Zhong

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Yu Zhong is probably currently one of the strongest heroes in setup or follow-up. Can interfere with the opponent’s position and force the opponent into chaos can make Vale inconvenient.


jawhead mobile legends

Depending on who started engaging, the two were quite even. But Jawhead has the advantage in setup and mobility that can be a hassle for Vale. Especially if he is placed towards the opponent.

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So that’s the best Vale hero counter recommendation that you can use in Mobile Legends (ML). Hopefully, the presence of the list above can provide you with a useful reference for defeating Vale’s hero in Mobile Legends. Don’t forget to follow my esports instagram

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