10 Hero Counter Paquito Mobile Legends (ML)

So to overcome this hero, following esports I will explain the current hero counter for Paquito Mobile Legends (ML).

New heroes usually have very capable abilities, including Paquito, this one hero is fairly strong with deadly strikes.

Paquito mobile legends is a fighter hero who has excellent mobility, this one hero also has great damage and is also very agile.

But unlike other fighter heroes, Paquito is more like an assassin hero than a fighter hero.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide a list of the best Paquito Mobile Legends hero counters that you can use. Now for those of you who are having a hard time defeating this one hero, just use the following hero!

Every hero in Mobile Legends has their own natural hero counter, now for this new hero, here is the hero counter for Paquito Mobile Legends who can beat him easily.

Hero Counter Paquito Mobile Legends (ML)


The first hero counter for Paquito Mobile Legends is Kaja, Kaja’s ability to attract opponent heroes makes him a very powerful hero to defeat Paquito.

As you know, Paquito himself is a very agile hero, using Kaja, you can catch him and attack him, especially with Paquito’s thin HP making it quite easy to beat if hit by CC.


hero counter Paquito Mobile Legends

Next is Selena who has excellent CC skills in Mobile Legends. Selena is the hero with the longest stun in Mobile Legends with one stun and her combo, Selena can beat Paquito.

Playing Paquito itself uses item damage more often, making it very easy to be defeated by enemy heroes. That way, making Paquito have to be careful, especially meeting mage heroes in the early game.


hero counter Paquito Mobile Legends

The next best hero counter for Paquito Mobile Legends is Franco. Yep it has become a common thing if Franco can beat all of his opponents very easily. Franco’s hero ability can give Paquito a weakness.

By using Franco, Paquito is not able to move easily, especially by using hook skills and Franco’s best Crowd Control is able to beat Paquito very quickly.


Next is Chang’e who is a mage hero with brust damage fast, he also has a fast attack with a very large area, Chang’e can attack Paquito’s hero and defeat him instantly.

You can use Chang’e ultimate which immediately gives up on Paquito. This attack will inflict fatal damage on Paquito, especially this one hero is indeed very difficult to avoid large area attacks like Chang’e.


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Finally, as a hero counter for Paquito mobile legends, Barats is one of the fighter tank heroes who has a very good disable. You can use Barats’ ability to counter Paquito. This one hero certainly will not be active with the attacks he has.

You can target Paquito with Barats’ ultimate, Paquito will get a quite heavy disable attack and throw it at a wall or something else. That way you can beat Paquito easily.


Harith is one of Paquito’s counters which is relatively strong. With his high damage, the agile Harith might be able to get in trouble for Paquito. Not to mention that he has a lot of iframes.


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Don’t underestimate Lunox’s damage because Paquito can be difficult for him to fight. Not only damage because Lunox also has CC and a skillset that are superior to Paquito.


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Actually, the matchup between the two is somewhat balanced, it’s just that they are slightly superior to Belerick. With Belerick’s high damage and sustain Paquito can lose if he isn’t smart.


jawhead mobile legends

Jawhead has pretty terrible damage and CC for Paquiot. For Jawhead, usually Paquito would be a strong threat. He could easily kill Paquito with fleas.


The matchup is somewhat even, but Benedetta has a variety of counters for Paquito from her skillset. Having an iframe, damage, mobility, and indeed hard to kill is Benedetta’s advantage.

So that’s all the best Paquito hero counter in Mobile Legends. Hopefully, the presence of the above reviews can be useful, especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers. Stay tuned for more updates and see you on my esports instagram!

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