10 Hero Counter Masha Mobile Legends (ML)

After the arrival of Masha’s new hero into the Mobile Legends game, this hero has brought a significant change to the game in terms of gameplay or other things. This is the Counter Hero Masha in Mobile Legends!

Masha is a hero who has a Fighter type with a fairly high amount of HP. This hero has its own uniqueness, which is having 3 HP bars which are quite as difficult to conquer, especially during the early game. Masha’s presence has given a new game-changing aura, namely battle objectives.

Apart from that, Masha has a major strength with a high enough damage power. This high amount of damage depends on the number of HP on the enemy you are aiming for through the Wild Power skill. By using this power, Masha can kill Turtle or Lord in a very fast time.

Even though Masha comes with a very dangerous power, this hero is not always a threat to Mobile Legends players. This time we will provide several heroes who are able to counter this Hero Masha. Even though she has 3 HP bars, Masha will be easier to beat with this hero.

Masha, who is very thick and arguably the most sustainable hero, you can easily counter. Use these heroes;

  1. Aurora
  2. Natalia
  3. Selena
  4. Guinevere
  5. Terizla
  6. Franco
  7. Kaja
  8. Yu Zhong
  9. Uranus
  10. Esmeralda

These heroes are often used against Masha. They are very effective and strong when it comes to 1v1 or teamfight. Summarized by Esportsku to make it simpler.

On this occasion we will provide the best line of hero counters to fight Masha’s hero in Mobile Legends. Which one hero is quite OP if used as an offlaner in the current season!

List of Hero Counter Masha in Mobile Legends

What heroes are capable of this Mengcounter Masha? Listen carefully to the article below.


It’s no secret that this Aurora hero is a mage hero who can counter all agile heroes, including Masha. Aurora can make Masha stop moving if it is successfully frozen and when it is frozen, Aurora can finish off Masha very quickly. This is because the damage the enemy will receive will be greater if attacked in a frozen state.

Aurora also has a very wide area of ​​attack and she can freeze 5 heroes at once if all of these enemies are in the Aurora attack area.


This hero is a very strong assassin hero in a 1 vs 1 battle with a hero who only relies on basic attacks like Masha. This is because Natalia has a skill that can make her immune from Basic attacks.

Natalia is very strong to face 1 vs 1 with Masha because not only can she be immune from Masha’s attacks, Natalia can also produce very painful damage because she has a large attack speed.


Selena is a Mage Assassin Hero in Mobile Legends who has a very annoying crowd control stun, she can stun enemies for up to 2 seconds. With this long stun effect, anyone who experiences it can be finished quickly, including Masha, who even has 3 HP bars.

Selena can also install Masha’s cellphone even though the distance is far and it makes Masha unsafe to be 1 lane with Selena.


It is widely known that Guinevere can count any Hero by flying for 3 seconds if the combo is successful. Guinevere can also chase Masha using her 2 skills so Masha can’t escape easily.

The damage that Guinevere has is so deadly that Masha can be killed with just one combo. But Guinevere must have 1 important item, namely the Genius Wand.



Terizla is one of the Fighter heroes who is able to compete against Masha. By relying on his ultimate skill, Terizla can pull Masha into the ultimate zone and make him weak. This opportunity can make Masha get a large Burst Damage from Terizla.


Next is Franco, who is one of the best heroes you can use as Masha’s hero counter in Mobile Legends, as you know, Masha is quite weak with CC, therefore, Franco’s hero can be the ultimate hero.

Use Franco’s ultimate skill where you can easily stop your opponent’s movement, this ability will make Masha stop immediately and you can beat the hero quickly.


The next hero counter for Masha in Mobile Legends is Kaja, Kaja is arguably one of the best heroes you can use to attack Kaja, Kaja is the fighter who has the best ability to count any hero in Mobile Legends.

Now with the ability of this one Kaja hero, you can beat your opponent’s hero quickly by pulling it in the Mobile Legends game, Kaja will give a very deadly attack on his opponent in Mobile Legends.

Yu Zhong

Next is Yu Zhong, who is one of the best heroes you can use as a hero counter for Masha in Mobile Legends. Both have an offlaner role, of course Yu Zhong is the best of all existing offlaners. You can beat Masha easily.

In a one-on-one position Yu Zhong will benefit greatly, especially Masha herself is a hero who is arguably not so much guaranteed, in that sense, Yu Zhong’s popularity as an offlaner is better than Masha.


Next is Uranus, which is one of the best heroes you can use to counter Masha’s hero in Mobile Legends. Uranus is a very tough hero, has very high HP and also has excellent regeneration abilities.

Now you can use the Uranus hero which can provide serious resistance to Masha, especially with Uranus’ regen ability, able to keep up with and even beat Masha’s regeneration in Mobile Legends.


Finally, Esmeralda is one of the best heroes you can use as Masha’s hero counter in the Mobile Legends game. Esmeralda has the ability to win the opponent’s shield into hers.

Now because Masaha is a hero who has a shield, Esmeralda can easily beat Masha’s hero in a match in Mobile Legends. Of course with this you can beat the hero easily.

So that’s the hero who is able to counter Masha the Hero 3 Bar HP. Even so, use this hero counter correctly, if you use it wrong then you will become an easy target for Masha.

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