10 Hero Counter Eudora Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends is one of the most played MOBA games to date. This game has various heroes who are very popular and are widely played by the players. One of the heroes who entered the meta after several dim seasons is Eudora, after getting the latest revamp this one hero is hard to beat, that’s why you need some of the following Eudora hero counters.

Not with the exception of Eudora, every hero must have a series of hero counters who are able to defeat the hero to make it easier. All heroes certainly do not escape defeating each other and so on. You can also use the following row of heroes if you want to counter Eudora’s hero in Mobile Legends.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide several heroes who can easily counter Eudora’s heroes in the Mobile Legends game. Now for those of you who are hero core users, you must use this hero to defeat Eudora’s hero quickly.

Hero Counter Eudora Mobile Legends

7 Hero Counter Eudora Mobile Legends (ML)

You can use the following series of heroes to counter Eudora in the Mobile Legends game.


7 Hero Counter Eudora Mobile Legends (ML)

First there is Saber who is an assassin hero with excellent lock abilities in Mobile Legends. This one hero can easily lock onto an opponent who has become his target.

To attack Eudora, of course, is easy for him, once a combo attack is enough to defeat Eudora in Mobile Legends. Use the second skill to get close, then use the ultimate to lock Eudora and defeat him.


7 Hero Counter Eudora Mobile Legends (ML)

Next there is Hero Chou who is a hero with excellent lock-in target abilities. Chou can easily target opponents who have become targets.

Attacking and doing combos on Eudora is easy for Chou. You can use freestyle by using skill 1 and skill 2 both, approaching Eudora and launching his ultimate attack.


7 Hero Counter Eudora Mobile Legends (ML)

Next there is the Tank Franco hero who is a tank with excellent hook skills in Mobile Legends. Franco can easily target Eudora’s hero and stab him quickly.

Not only eudora, Franco is also very effective at countering all heroes in Mobile Legends. With his suppressed abilities, this hero is indeed a very scary hero for mage and marksman heroes in Mobile Legends.


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The activation attack of the Aurora hero is faster than Eudora. You can use skill one that can stop Eudora and then continue with a lethal combo groan.

You can use the Aurorora passive skill, which is the ability to easily freeze your opponent. This skill is very deadly, especially the ultimate combo and skill 2 can stop and flatten nearby opponents.


Layla is a marksman hero who has a very far attack range from other heroes. So it’s no wonder this one hero can also counter Eudora, especially during the late game.

You can take advantage of his long range attack, give a slow effect with his second and first skill then if Eudora gets away you can use the ultimate which has a very distant groan!


Eudora’s hero counter in the next Mobile Legends is Lancelot. This one hero can easily be released from Eudora’s stun by using his second skill and then attacks Eudora very quickly.

Lancelot is very effective at defeating Eudora, each of his skills can easily stab and attack Eudora anytime quickly. Moreover, just a few combos are enough to defeat their prey.


Finally, there is the Esmeralda hero who has a shield ability that can withstand every CC attack from Eudora easily. The shield can break through the opponent’s defense and attack Euodora.

For those of you who are Eudora users, of course, it will be very difficult when fighting this one hero, on the contrary, Esmeralda can attack Eudora easily, it’s just that you have to get the right timing to attack.


Next is Benedetta, who is one of the best heroes you can use to defeat Eudora, just like the heroes Lancelot and Chou, you can easily avoid attacks from Eudora, where Eudora has quite a deadly attack.

Benedetta’s immune skill is able to make him easily enter Eudora’s line of defense, give a strong enough attack and make Eudora get a deadly attack and then defeat him.


jawhead mobile legends

Jawhead is a hero fighter that you can use to counter Eudora’s hero at the same time, as you know, Jawhead’s hero ability is indeed very strong and deadly, especially with his initial ability to defeat many opponents at once.

You can easily target Eudora by using Jawhead’s ultimate, then do damage with his first skill and throw Eudora at your teammates. With this attack, he must be able to beat Eudora quickly.


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Finally, Atlas is one of the tanker heroes who has abilities similar to Franco’s. Atlas can attract all the heroes who are near him then give a very deadly initiation and inflict damage.

Atlas’s task is to collect enemy heroes to a point where the attacks are continued by your teammates in Mobile Legends. Next, you can easily beat Eudora and the other teams.

So that’s all the Counter heroes to beat Eudora in the Mobile Legend game. Hopefully, this row of heroes can solve the problem of those of you who are annoyed with Eudora’s attack combo which is currently increasingly meta in Mobile Legends.

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