10 Hero Counter Chou Mobile Legends (ML)

This is the Hero Counter Chou Mobile Legends. In this Mobile Legends game, there are various kinds of heroes and types that you can use when playing later. In this game, there are various types such as Tanks who are specialists in the front defense, Mages who give great damage from their abilities that are different from other heroes.

Then the Assassin who is tasked with eliminating the enemy’s core hero, Marksman who deals damage from a long distance, Support who provides various kinds of assistance to teammates and fighters who inflict massive damage from close range.

One of the fighters who are very often used in the following Mythic ranks is Chou. Hero Chou is a fighter who has high physical damage.

Especially after he was paired with various items that matched him perfectly. However, Chou also has several weaknesses and opponents who of course can defeat Chou’s hero easily.

On this occasion we will provide some explanations about the Strengths and Weaknesses found in hero Chou, we will also provide information about heroes who can fight Chou Mobile legends.

Weaknesses and Strengths of Hero Chou ML

The strengths of the hero Chou

Before giving an explanation of the hero who can count Chou, we will provide information about the advantages and disadvantages of this Hero Chou.

  1. Hero is suitable to be one of the initiators because it can damage the formation of the enemy.
  2. Has pretty good mobility when doing combos and has very good anti crowd control.
  3. Hero Chou is suitable for kidnapping an opponent hero who has the most damage like Marksman.
  4. The dreadful combo is easy to get kills from off-guard opponents.

Weakness of Hero Chou

  1. If you do a Combo wrong, this will be fatal.
  2. It is quite difficult to use because it is not arbitrary to do Combos.
  3. Not so strong synergy.

List of Hero Counter Chou in Mobile Legends

For those of you who are often targeted by Hero Chou, you can use a suitable hero counter to fight Chou. You can fight the hero Chou mobile legends with the heroes below


Chou is a hero who is good at kidnapping other heroes with his small body, therefore Lunox is usually the one Chou will first target. But don’t worry.

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The power of Lunox’s Ultimate Power of Order can make him unable to attack and attack using strong enough Magic Power, you also have to make sure you are in a balanced Twilight mode.

After that you can repay Chou’s blood with Skill 3. Then attack with Skill 2 to change to darkening mode and do a dash with Ultimate skill, use skill 2 continuously until Chou dies. That’s why this hero is the Hero Counter Chou ML


Hero Assassin who relies on magic damage is also one of the heaviest threats to Chou as well. You can use Gusion to kill Chou quickly. Starting with using skill 2 to throw 5 knives forward. Next, use the ultimate skill that returns Cooldown to skills 1 and 2, then issue skill 2 Gusion again.

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Then, aim Skill 1 and hurry the knife at Chou. You can move to the target, and immediately pull back the knives with Skill 2. Use Ulti to escape, guaranteed Chou will die immediately.


Johnson is one of the tankers who is very flexible in the game. He can be a tanker with a large percentage of dealing with Chou itself. If you do a pyshcal build, Chou will be frantic in dealing with it. With CC, he has the ability to stun and the ultimate that he can stun for a long time.

Johnson is the right choice to return the situation when doing a push when facing Chou on mobile legends. Although johnson is not a natural counter of Chou mobile legends. However, it can hinder the movement of Chou mobile legends

Chou is a very strong combo hero if you can use him. In the laning phase he is a bully lane which means Chou can control the lane easily. Very powerful when used properly and terrible in teamfight.


Kaja is the best Chou hero counter in Mobile Legends that you can use right now. His disablement ability is perfect for defeating heroes with Chou’s unique abilities. Use CC skills with the right timing then you will succeed in defeating Chou.


Next, you can use Nana’s hero as the counter hero for Chou in Mobile Legends. Nana has a CC ability in the form of a morph skill which can turn her opponent into a puppet. Use these skills to inhibit Chou’s movements in Mobile Legends.


You can also use Franco’s hero to become the hero counter for Chou in Mobile Legends. Franco has excellent abilities as a hero counter for all heroes, now Franco’s CC ability can lock Chou’s movements in a match in Mobile Legends.


You can also use the Baxia hero as one of Chou’s hero counters in Mobile Legends that you can use in a match in Mobile Legends. Baxia’s ability is perfect for defeating slippery heroes like Chou.


Uranus is the next hero counter for Chou in Mobile Legends, where this one hero has the best abilities, especially Regen’s ability. Chou won’t be able to beat Uranus in a match. Hero Uranus can cover his own team from every Chou attack.


Next is Atlas which is one of the best tanker heroes you can play. This one hero is very strong thanks to his initial ability that is not inferior to that of Franco’s hero. You can use Atlas to counter Chou in Mobile Legends.


Finally, you can use Tigreal as the best Chou hero counter in Mobile Legends that you can play to beat Chou. The ability of the Counter hero Tigreal is very strong, he can provide CC attacks that can stop Chou.

So, those are some things that can make Chou easy to beat by using Gusion or Lunox. You can also take advantage of Chou’s hero weakness so you can kill him with other heroes. That’s all we can say, Thank you.

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