10 Hero Counter Cecilion Mobile Legends (ML)

You can use Hero Counter Cecilion in Mobile Legends. This is because Mobile Legends has lots of very unique heroes. So that many players are also curious to play these heroes. The abilities of the heroes in Mobile Legends can help you fight enemies and help you to win the game.

This hero also has different roles, some do damage or protect the team from friends. Yesterday, Moonton has presented a new hero who is quite strong, this hero is a mage type.

She is Cecilion, the Vampire with deadly power. The damage generated from Cecilion is also very dangerous, if used correctly, in the Early Game you can get a lot of kills.

Even though this hero has an overpowering ability, of course there are several heroes who are able to counter Cecilion.

List of Hero Counter Cecilion in Mobile Legends

On this occasion we will provide you with information about the Counter Hero Cecilion. Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.


The first hero who was able to finish off Cecilion with ease was Helcurt, because this hero’s ability was very powerful in scooping. Helcurt’s ultimate can make all enemies temporarily blind, thus confusing them.

When Cecilion is being hit by this Ultimate Effect, those of you who use Helcurt use this opportunity well. While you’re still blind, you guys can just finish off Cecilion quickly. Take it easy, Helcurt has a long Silence effect that makes it difficult for Cecilion to escape.


This mage hero has high agility, making it difficult to catch. Cecilion has a more dominant straight skill, so of course he can’t fight the hero Harith. Because of this agility, Harith is the Hero Counter for Cecilion Mobile’s latest 2020 legends

Harith’s 2nd skill and ultimate can make him more agile, making it harder to catch again. Anyway, Cecilion ML will find it difficult to beat Harith, as long as you use this Harith hero correctly.


This hero with the ability to throw hither and thither is very effective at countering Cecilion. Jawhead, if used properly, can deal enormous damage. To fight this Cecilion hero, you really have to be very close to him.

This makes it difficult for Cecilion to issue skills, Jawhead has an Ultimate Skill that targets enemies.

So that he can immediately approach Cecilion without having to hesitate anymore, the damage generated from Ultimate is also quite large. When it’s hit, make sure he can’t run away anywhere.


Now, for Cecilion ML Mage OP Counter, Use Mobile Legends Hero, this is indeed very powerful. Chou is a Figther who can kick enemies in the specified direction, one of which is Cecilion. At Cecilion’s time, try to get you to get close and kick Cecilion into your team.

After that, just finish off Cecilion with your team. Of course this would make him die faster, compared to killing Cecilion alone.


The next hero counter for Cecilion in Mobile Legends is Franco, you can use Franco’s hook and disabler attacks easily to defeat this mage hero. As you know, Franoc is the best at counter.

Use the first skill, if you succeed then the second and ultimate skill. Heroes who are caught will not be able to escape, or you can use flicker and ultimate combos for variations of attacks.


Aldous is a very strong fighter hero who has deadly damage, in the late game he can defeat any hero he is against. Especially if Aldous has reached the max stack.

So Aldous can be the best Cecilion Mobile Legends hero counter that you can use. But make sure that you can attack Cecilion when you have enough stacks, use the ultimate to target Cecilion and beat!


Next, you can also use Kaja as one of the best Cecilion Mobile Legends hero counters that you can use in a match. Kaja has the same ability as Franco, namely the suppressed type of CC ability.

You can use Kaja to kidnap Cecilion in the back line, then evict him and then defeat his opponent very easily. Kaja can be a very deadly hero to defeat Cecilion.


Next, you can use the Chang’e hero as the best Cecilion Mobile Legends hero counter that you can rely on. The ability to Change has a long attack range, with this ultimate power you can beat Cecilion quickly.

Moreover, Cecilion does not have an escape skill which will be very difficult when avoiding the attacks given by Chang’e.


Natalia can be the choice of the best Cecilion Mobile Legends hero counter that you can use in the Mobile Legends game. You can use hero one to defeat Cecilion very easily.

Use Natalia’s passive ability where she won’t be seen by the opponent, then use her attack that can scoop the opponent very easily, Natalia will give a devastating attack for a long time.


Finally, you can use the hero Ling as the hero counter for Cecilion in Mobile Legends. Ling has excellent initiation skills and is able to defeat the hero Cecilion very quickly.

You can take advantage of the wall to get a good position, then use the second skill to attack Cecilion, then use the ulitmate and the second skill combination quickly and you will easily beat him.

So, those are some of the heroes who can kill Cecilion easily. How? Are you still afraid to meet Cecilion in Mobile Legends in the Rank? That’s all, Thank you.

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